Wayne Moran


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I've been with Premier Broadcasting since 2008. I started here as a fill-in receptionist, answering the phones and mixing up birthday's and anniversaries (sorry to the Morrison twins, your 18 years together was apparently NOT in wedded bliss...). It wasn't long until The Bobs recognized that not only did I have fantastic secretary legs, I'm as easy to beat down and mold as warm Play-Doh, making me a perfect candidate for on-air abuse.

In 2010, I started hosting The Deli @ 'noon, a weekday "request" show on 979 XFM. Basically, I answer the phone, play songs and show signs of someone who's accidentally taken their kids' Ritalin. Yes, I know already....a trained monkey could do it.

I take care of the stations' websites and computer stuff as well, which explains my constant geek-laced babble on the air. This goes to the point that I'm also a Star Trek & Star Wars fan. Yes, there is a difference, and 'Trek is better. Why? Gene Roddenberry was a legendary pioneer of thought-provoking, futuristic science fiction. George Lucas created Jar Jar Binks. Enough said.

I have a son, his name's Austin, and he's pretty awesome (obviously, he's a clone of me). If you (actually) listen to The Deli, you'll hear him from time to time. For an 8 year old, he's got a good radio voice, and a solid accumen for the business....show up, talk into a microphone, eat the pastries on the break room table and surf the Internet. He's a natural. 

I was born in Flora, which explains 97.4% of my issues. Good grief don't get yourself in a twist. I love my hometown and all of it's perpetual 5,200 residents. How can I not love a town that produced this gem? 


In 1994, Effingham became my adopted hometown, which left Flora 87% less cool. Hey, at least they still have the giant slide at Kiwanis Park, with a ridiculously good slushie stand...

I love my job here at Premier Broadcasting. I get to interact with listeners, be creative and accept large amounts of grief. Besides, where else can I be completely ridiculous like this? 

Email: wayne@thexradio.com

Phone: (217) 347-5518