Wayne Moran


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Email: wayne@thexradio.com

Phone: (217) 347-5518 

I've loved radio since I was a little kid. My dad worked part-time at WNOI in Flora, and would occasionally, after a ridiculous amount of badgering, let me go with him for some of an on-air shift. I've been with Premier Broadcasting since 2008. I've been dabbling in radio basically since I was 16. You know that spark a kid gets around that age to really DO something with their life? I didn't get that, and ended up in radio. It's a cautionary tale. I worked for a couple of other area stations before coming to Premier Broadcasting in 2008, and was brought in to redesign the stations' websites. Our redesign was a welcome one, and got us a couple People's Choice awards. I honestly forget how many... Much like vacation homes, I stopped counting after 2.

You'll find me on the air weekdays from 10am-1pm, which includes The Deli, a weekday request show from 12-1pm.

I take care of the stations' websites and computer stuff as well, which (if you've wondered) explains my constant geek-laced babble on the air. This goes to the point that I'm also a Star Trek & Star Wars fan. Yes, there is a difference, and 'Trek is better. Why? Gene Roddenberry was a legendary pioneer of thought-provoking, futuristic science fiction. George Lucas created Jar Jar Binks. Enough said. I also love music, and you'll probably find me listening to something like the Dave Matthews Band or Ryan Adams. 

Along with the computer stuff, I run the station's social media, too. We take great pride in having the area's largest and most vocal Facebook & Twitter pages, and do our best to keep them fun, informative and free of kitten videos (for the most part).

I have one son, Austin. If you listen to The Deli, you'll hear him from time to time in short things I've recorded over the years. He's got a good radio voice, and a solid accumen for the business; show up, talk into a microphone, eat the pastries on the break room table and surf the Internet. He's a natural.

I was born in Flora, which explains 97.4% of my issues.

Good grief don't get yourself in a twist. I love my hometown and all of it's perpetual 5,200 residents. How can I not love a town that produced this gem? 


In 1994, Effingham became my adopted hometown, which left Flora 87% less cool. Hey, at least they still have that giant slide at Kiwanis Park, with a ridiculously good slushie stand.