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Last Updated on October 9 2019 8:13 am

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LOST: House cat, brown, black and a little white. Declawed in the front and fixed, male. Emmitt is medium sized and lovable with green eyes. He has been missing since May. Still seeking him. Call: 217-240-8984

FOUND 9/27:  St. Bernard dog found on the northwest side of Shumway.  Call: 217-254-8213

FOUND 9/25: This cat wandered in at Adhatters, 910 West Fayette in Effingham. She is declawed. Looks like she just got out. Call: 347-5101.

LOST 9/18: Amos, a red-nosed Pitbull wearing a black collar with a name tag. Information is on the back of the tag including the address and phone number. Lost from around Rt. 45, just north of Hord but south of Effingham-Clay County line. Call: 217-663-2397.