Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on May 30 2019 2:47 pm

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!

If your dog or cat has been found and is on our website, please phone or email us so we can take it off the website and not continue to announce it on the radio.


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission.

Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed, edited and posted by our staff.


FOUND 5/22: Male Blue Tick Hound dog found in Mason. No collar. Very friendly. Call: 663-5578.

FOUND 5/22: Small short-haired white terrier mix with light/dark brown markings over left eye and rear end area. No collar, very friendly. Found in Lynn Acres Subdivision, Lake Edwards area. Call: 690-0042

FOUND 5/18: Orange and white cat found near Effingham's VFW. Call 217-994-9222

0518 Cat



FOUND 5/7: Boxer/Rottweiler mix, gray with white ring around neck. Wearing a two-inch leather collar. Found around East Jefferson. Call: 821-1055 or 994-1763
LOST 5/2:  Small female grey tabby cat with stripes.  Named “Mama”.  Not wearing a collar.  Lost in Heartville.  Call  217-536-9113

LOST 5/1: Female cat named Frosting. She is whitish with grey and is an indoor cat but stepped outside and was scared and ran off. Lost from Richland. Call: 217-353-2084

FOUND 4/22 -- There is a rooster running loose around the northwest part of Effingham near Walnut, Illinois and Temple streets. Nice looking rooster saw Sunday and heard crowing this morning. Call: 342-4230

FOUND 4/1: Older black Lab wearing a reddish brown collar with a blue tag. Seen nervously running on Lakewood Drive in the Rollin Hills Subdivision. Too skittish to let anyone close. Call: 956-298-1686