Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on February 16 2017 6:28 am

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission.

Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed, edited and posted by our staff.


LOST 2/15: Two dogs, one black and white Jack Russell terrier pup about six months old will come to name Heidi and has a light blue collar and a docked tail. Other dog is lab mix pup, roughly four months old, tan with ears that fold over. Also has a docked tail and answers to Doc. Lost near land fill on Route 33. Call: 217-821-9632


FOUND 2/14: Yellow and white male cat about six months old. Very friendly. Not neutered. Appears in good condition. Found at the corner of Franklin Street and Mulberry Street in Effingham. Wanted in the garage to be warm and fed. Call: 217-663-3876


LOST 2/05: Blue brindle male pit bull with white chest named Gunthar. Weighs 55 pounds, microchipped. Lost on Highway 45 south of Effingham, ¼ mile north of Mason/Eberle road by mile marker No. 4. Call: 217-690-9663

FOUND 2/03: Male cat found at Altamont High School. Dark blcak striped has a yellow collar and a bell. Call: 618-483-6193

FOUND 1/30: Orange/white male cat found south side of Lake Sara. Call: 217-868-2233

LOST 1/25: Male Siamese cat, white with black face. He got out last night on Wernsing Street. Has a white and reflective silver collar. Call: 217-663-2705

LOST 01/25: Two dogs, both female, one German Shepherd, the other Black Lab mix has all black fur more like a setter. Answers to Sadie and Gigi. Lost south of Effingham airport near 1025th. Could be anywhere near the airport including East 1050th (near elk farm). Recently moved to new area, could be headed back into town. Call: 217-663-6874

FOUND 01/16: Male white and tan beagle found on Dutch Lane near Heartville. Very friendly. Has old collar on, no tag. Call: 217-690-5766

FOUND 01/13: Small female dog wearing a black and gold collar.  Found along Highway 37 south of Mason. Call: 217-663-5578



LOST 01/11: Black and grey, one year Pyredoodle. Her name is Christy, collar found on floor. Really friendly. Lost from Rollin Hills Subdivision. Call: 217-721-5972

LOST 01/09: Male black beagle, name is on collar, Lost West of Elliotstown. Call: 217-739-2530

FOUND 01/05: Cat with mixed colors, long hair around chin. Has been coming to house at Diane Court in Effingham and eating for three to four weeks. Call: 342-3873.

LOST 01/03: Two beagle dogs, no collars. Tri-colored adult beagles, tall male and short female. Lost near Montrose January 1 after 1 p.m. Call: 217-821-4279

LOST 12/27: Tawny small pekinese or similar mix female. Tan collar with brown and green diamond shapes. No tags.

LOST 12/26: Male cat age 8 named J.J. Cream tabby with long fur. Approximately 10lbs. Declawed in the front. No collar. Green eyes.

LOST 12/26: Maddie has been missing since about 8:30 am. She is spayed has on a triangle collar the is a bit multi-colored. If anyone knows anything please call or text John Overvig 2176631341 or Debbie at 9723331694.

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LOST 12/26: Missing since 3pmMonday in Newton, IL. White Male Maltese named Peyton. No collar. Has medical issues and needs meds immediately. Please call 618-783-4025 or Newton Vet Clinic. 618-783-3424

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LOST 12/14: Female black and white Siberian husky. Around 5-6 months old with a red collar. Lost north of Wheeler. Call: 618-553-8254

FOUND 12/14: Male grey long-hair cat. Found in Country Manor Subdivision, Effingham. Call: 217-868-2726

FOUND 12/13: A grey kitten found on Santa Monica Ave in Effingham.  Call: 347-0667

LOST 12/10: Dog, black with legs, feet and snout brown. Wearing a lime green collar. Lost from South Banker Street in Effingham. Call: 217-663-6523

LOST 12/07: Murray, an all black Catahoula with a white patch on his chest. Four years old and about 90 pounds. Missing north of Teutopolis near Buhnerkempe Plumbing & Heating Sunday evening. He could be near or far from this location. Call: 217-343-6892

FOUND 12/07: Male un-neutered friendly grey/brown tabby cat with no collar. Found near Lake Sara Bluebird Drive. Call: 309-532-1074

FOUND 11/30: Small female black lab that broke from its chain.  Found near Altamont Lutheran Care Center has been turned into Walton & Haarmann Veterinary. Call: 342-4713

LOST 11/28: Australian shepherd. Black with white chest. Named Remington. $500 reward. Last seen in Homewood Subdivision. Call 217-343-0729 or 217-821-7272

LOST 11/24: Large male, neutered greyish cat. No collar. Long hair with white paws. Has a timid personality. Lost at Super 8 in July while owners were driving cross country. Call: 479-871-2870

LOST 11/23: Blonde, white Husky/Shepherd mix. No collar. Named Sadie. Lost near south town McDonald's. Call: 217-690-8110


FOUND 11/23: Black, white and brown dog found in Green Creek area. Call: 217-343-9719


FOUND 11/18: Black and white cat found in Altamont. Call: 217-663-8692

FOUND 11/16: A very lovable brown and white Calico cat. Found at Martin's Midtown Fuels.  Call: 217-663-3124

LOST 11/14: Dog named Remington doesn't have a collar. He's very scared and shy and will only come to his mom so please call immediately if you see him. Last seen in Homewood Subdivision. Call: 217-343-7261

LOST 11/14: Cat named Toby is black and grey with white fur on his neck like a bib. Lost from North Main Street. Call: 217-663-4919

LOST 11/10:  Male, medium sized, Black Australian Shepherd.  Slipped out of his collar and last seen south of Homewood Grill headed north.  Call:  217-343-0729

FOUND 11/10: White and grey short hair cat. Tail is grey with white tiger stripes. She showed up on the deck one day and has been staying under the deck at night, west end of Holiday Drive in Effingham. Has been neutered, is de-clawed, is very friendly and likes to be held so must be a family cat. Call: 217-821-7567

FOUND 11/4/16:  Brown Tabby and white Cat declawed front paws. Well cared for and well fed. Found in the ladies bathroom at Community Park in Effingham IL. Very scared and unwilling to leave the bathroom, no lost signs were posted in the

surrounding neighborhood.  Call 720-633-0887581ce91652072 WIN 20161104 14 56 53 Pro 1

FOUND 11/1/16: A gray and white kitten wearing a flea collar.  Found near Southside School. Call:  217-821-9180

FOUND 10/25: A large black female Lab with a white muzzle, wearing an invisible fence collar.  Found on the corner of First & Virginia.  Call: 217-343-6944

FOUND 10/21: Male Black Lab or mix with white patch on his chest. Has a faded brown collar with some orange on it, no tags. Saw his photo on Facebook and believe he has been lost for a couple of weeks. Found in Teutopolis.  Call: 217-857-6084

FOUND 10/20: A cat, no collar.  Found at Martin's Midtown Fuels.  Call 217-663-3124

FOUND 10/20: Big dog, dark coloring, looks like a Rottweiler mix. Friendly. Has two collars on, one looks like it has a sensor for an underground fence, but no tags. Found in Grupe Subdivision off Nazarene Road. Call: 217-663-0955

FOUND 10/17: Female White Maltese looking dog, 5-6 years old.  Found near Evergreen Park.  Call Walton & Haarmann 342-3646.

FOUND 10/13: Black and white pit bull. Found on Maple and Temple. Call: 217-240-1873

LOST 10/11:  Female white Morkie, weighs about 4 pounds, not wearing a collar. Her owner and her were in a car accident and since the accident Zelly has been skittish.  She was last seen at the post office in Greenup. Call 217-663-0799 or the Sheriff's office in Greenup

FOUND 10/10: Goldish, yellow male cat. Found by Fore Way Golf Course at Lake Sara. Looks like very well taken care of cat. Call: 343-3541



FOUND 10/1: Female Calico cat found in Lake Edwards Subdivision in Effingham. Call: 217-868-9505 or 217-821-9506