Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on September 22 2017 1:36 pm

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission.

Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed, edited and posted by our staff.


LOST 9/22: A Bay horse west of Sigel on the Sigel Road. Call: 217-844-4494 OR 217-663-3016.

LOST 9/2: Gray adult male cat who answers to Charlie. Diamond shape on his gray fur on one side. Very friendly. Disappeared in the area of North First Street in Effingham, just a block east of St. Anthony Grade School. Phone 342-3396

LOST 9/1: 3-year-old brownish/orange tabby cat with white bib and paws.  Distinctive feature has multiple toes on all paws. Missing from east Altamont.. Call: 217-663-6533

FOUND 8/30: Black and White Male Terrier found in Watson, Older dog very friendly. Call 536-6798

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FOUND 8/29: White male Pomeranian. Very friendly, no collar. Found a mile north of Teutopolis. Call: 821-4111

FOUND 8/25: Small rat terrier, brown, very tame, no collar or tags. Found at the Y-Yard on South Route 45 in Effingham. Call: 217-536-9232


LOST 8/24: Orange tabby cat with extra toes. Lost by Altamont Grade School. Call: 217-663-6288

FOUND 8/21: Male golden retriever mix, found on the Frontage road along I-57 south near Dutch Lane. He is wearing a blue collar, no tags. Call: 217-690-6884

LOST 8/21: German Rottweiler wearing a red collar. His name is Brutus. Missing since August 19 on 200th street, north of Altamont. Call: 217-246-4034

LOST 8/7: Missing two dogs, black miniature Schnauzer (Gracie) and Australian Shepherd (Maggie). Missing from end of Nazarene Road near bike trail. Call: 217-994-2589

LOST 8/1: Four horses are loose from around the Sigel area. One is black, one is gray, one is grulla and one is an Appaloosa (spotted). May be headed toward Neoga. Went missing around 9:30 this morning. Call: 217-343-2452

FOUND 7/31: Male dog found on Moccasin Road. No collar. Call: 217-994-3729

FOUND 7/30: Long haired calico cat that is very friendly and has been cared for. Found on S. Broadway Street off Route 40 in Greenup. Call 217-343-6650

FOUND 7/24:  Male black lab wearing a collar that says 'Louie".  Found along Water Street in Teutopolis.  Call: 217-857-3240

LOST 7/23: Male miniature Schnauser, gray/black. He is four years old and has a collar with phone number. Was lost in wooded area in Jasper County about three miles north of Gila. Call: 217-259-2655

FOUND 7/18: Male and Female found on Fayette across Silk Purse Store Call 217-343-5220

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LOST 7/14: White and gray female Shitzu with pink collar. Last seen Thursday on 400th Mason, between Route 37 and Route 45. Timid. Answers to Scarlet. Call: 217-821-0070

LOST 7/13: Female white/yellow lab mix named Ella. Very friendly. Wearing a faded orange collar but no tags. Could be southeast of Effingham County airport or near State Police Station Road. Last seen Monday night. Call: 217-821-7125

FOUND 07/03:  White Cockapoo found in the Southmore Heights Subdivision in Altamont. Call: 618-483-5132

LOST 7/03: White and brown female pitbull lost in the Watson area.  Goes by the name Laney Mae.  She is chipped but is not wearing a collar.  Call: 217-508-5398

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LOST 6/29:  Female beagle, chocolate brown with white belly and feet and a lighter brown face.  Goes by the name Daisy and should be wearing a red collar.  Lost in the Bishop Creek area.  Call:  217-925-5235.

FOUND 6/28: Male red coon hound with collar, no name, is very friendly. Found Jackson Township just west of the Jackson Township Baptist Church. Call: 217-343-3153

FOUND 6/26: There is a cat running around the Woodland Heights Subdivision behind the mall. The cat is yellow and white with a pink collar with a bell on

FOUND 6/24: Black Lab or Black Lab mix male wearing a red collar. He was found between Effingham and Teutopolis on route 40. Call: 821-6359.

LOST 6/23: Male foxhound/walker coon dog, weighs around 50 pounds. He is white, brown and black and is very skittish and scared of people. He is microchipped. Lost in Altamont, last seen at the Dairy Bar park. Call: 618-267-8109

LOST 6/15: A 3 ½ year old Golden Retriever named Hnery. Lost from  the Cumberland County area, west of Toledo, very close to  Route 121 and four miles from Route 40. He has a brown leather collar, a scratch on his nose and he is chipped. Call: 217-232-3166

LOST 6/14: A gray cat named Rocky. Lost from Edgar Street by the fire station. Call: 217-821-1449

LOST 6/12: Male white and tan Chihuahua from around Sherwin Williams. His name is Smokey and he is wearing a black harness, but no tags. Call: 994-4158

FOUND 6/10: Bundle colored Boxer. Found on South Fourth Street in Effingham. Call: 217-259-9882

FOUND 06/05: A Black Lab with a red collar found at Webster Tire/Teutopolis Auto Sales.  Call: 857-6805

FOUND 05/02: Two male Beagles, one is red and white and the other is black, white and tan. Found on South Pembroke Street in the Homewood Subdivision. Call: 217-347-8797

FOUND 01/01: Female Blue Heeler/Beagle mix found several days ago east of Easy Breeze in Effingham, close to Colonnial Downs. No collar. Call: 821-2215

FOUND 5/31: Black lab with shock collar.  Found by Heartland Towing

FOUND 5/31: Beagle dog who has recently had babies. Found in Heartville on 1425th Road. Yellow collar, no name tag. Call: 217-821-1696



FOUND 5/24: Two beagles, both have orange collars but no tags. Found in the Bishop/Dieterich area. Call: 663-2296

FOUND 5/23: Part pit bull female found on west Richland in Effingham. Does not have a collar. Call: 994-1331

FOUND 5/23: Female dog in Bishop Creek area. She is white with black spots and no collar. She is maybe a year or younger. Call: 217-821-4671

FOUND 5/20: Gray long haired tabby cat (shaved). White nose and mouth area and under chin. Came into garage through pet door during storm. East Mount Vernon Street in Effingham. Call: 217-821-2064

LOST 5/14: Female half Maltese and half Yorkie. Weighs about five pounds. She's a light brown color. Lost from Pelican off Evergreen. Call: 663-0769

FOUND 5/11: Black female terrier, has collar but no ID tag. Found on West Walnut in Teutopolis. Call: 217-254-8788

FOUND 5/11: Big mostly white with black male boxer. Has a collar but no tags. Call: 618-335-1160

FOUND 5/8: Female terrier type dog with pink collar. Found on South Banker Street at Spectrum. Call: 347-0679

FOUND 5/6: Yellow female lab, very friendly with a dog fence collar. Found on Old State Police Station Road. Call: 217-536-6626

LOST 5/6: Alaskan Malamute (black, grey and white) without a collar, named Everest.  Running in the area of Willow and Grove in Effingham.  Owner resides at 701 S. Willow St. in Effingham


FOUND 5/5: Two male dogs, both running together. Have collars on both dogs but no name tags. One light brown/sandy color, the other grey/brown. Found around the Community Park neighborhood on Norwood Avenue. Call: 217-994-6790

FOUND 5/4: Younger black lab found at Farm Credit on Route 40 between Teutopolis and Effingham. He has a shock collar and a regular collar but no tags. Very friendly. Call: 857-6450