Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on October 21 2016 10:52 am

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission.

Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed, edited and posted by our staff.


FOUND 10/21: Male Black Lab or mix with white patch on his chest. Has a faded brown collar with some orange on it, no tags. Saw his photo on Facebook and believe he has been lost for a couple of weeks. Found in Teutopolis.  Call: 217-857-6084

FOUND 10/20: A cat, no collar.  Found at Martin's Midtown Fuels.  Call 217-663-3124

FOUND 10/20: Big dog, dark coloring, looks like a Rottweiler mix. Friendly. Has two collars on, one looks like it has a sensor for an underground fence, but no tags. Found in Grupe Subdivision off Nazarene Road. Call: 217-663-0955

FOUND 10/17: Female White Maltese looking dog, 5-6 years old.  Found near Evergreen Park.  Call Walton & Haarmann 342-3646.

FOUND 10/13: Black and white pit bull. Found on Maple and Temple. Call: 217-240-1873

LOST 10/11:  Female white Morkie, weighs about 4 pounds, not wearing a collar. Her owner and her were in a car accident and since the accident Zelly has been skittish.  She was last seen at the post office in Greenup. Call 217-663-0799 or the Sheriff's office in Greenup

FOUND 10/10: Goldish, yellow male cat. Found by Fore Way Golf Course at Lake Sara. Looks like very well taken care of cat. Call: 343-3541



FOUND 10/1: Female Calico cat found in Lake Edwards Subdivision in Effingham. Call: 217-868-9505 or 217-821-9506

FOUND 9/30: Husky male dog with blue eyes and gray and white coat. Has a black collar. Found by Dan Hecht Chevrolet, 2400 S. Banker. Call: 342-4111

FOUND 9/29: Dog running around on 1600th Avenue, north of Teutopolis. He is black and white and has a collar with a broken leash. Call: 821-4111

FOUND 9/20: Gray and white female kitten. Found by the Effingham Courthouse two days ago. Call: 217-343-5625

LOST 9/19: Sprinkles, a two-year-old female cat has been missing since July 4 from Sigel Road, three miles west of Sigel and three miles east of Route 32. Call: 217-821-2610

FOUND 9/19: Striped tiger kitten, about year old. Rode on the back axle of my dad's Buick. Crawled up on the axle at the McDonald's south of the Village Square Mall and rode home. Saw her at McDonald's and thought she had hopped down from car. Very friendly, must belong to someone. Call: 630-277-6247

FOUND 9/15: Male Weimaraner or type of German dog. Grey wearing a black collar, no tags. Has a bobbed tail. Found in Teutopolis around park. Call: 663-8746

LOST 9/12:  A 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever female, missing on the north side of Greenup on Rt 130.  Missing since Friday, September 9. She has a brown leather collar, & her name is Cabella.  Call: 217-232-3166

LOST 9/06: Calico cat named Cali. Has a calico back and a white belly. She has been fixed and her front paws are declawed. Grandma couldn't take her in the nursing home so family took the cat in and had her declawed so she could visit grandma. Lost south side of Lake Sara near John Birch Lane. Call: 217-343-4427

FOUND 9/05: Calico cat found at Lake Edward Subdivision. Call: 618-553-0047

FOUND 9/05: Female Chocolate Lab with green collar, very friendly. Found in Green Creek area Saturday. Call: 217-273-8377

LOST 8/30: Male Chocolate Lab lost in Lillyville-Montrose area. Last seen Sunday. Call or Text: 309-267-9801




LOST 08/29 -- Male Sheltie missing since Saturday from Keptown area. Sable and white with huge white collar and white patch on left side. Reward if found. Call 618-483-6257 or 217-240-4216

LOST 8/29 -- Black lab puppy about 75 pounds and has no collar on. Lost on Funkhouser Road. Answers to Jagger. Very friendly family pet. Call: 217-821-6448


FOUND 8/29 -- Female dog, very friendly, has older collar on. Listens very well. Found north of Effingham, Sigel Blacktop and 7 Hills Road. Call: 217-821-1926


FOUND 8/20: Dog by Effingham Junior High School. No collar, black and white. Call: 217-821-3131

FOUND: 8/20: Brown and black dog. Call: 217-994-1087

LOST 8/19: Male St. Bernard, named Buddy. Full-grown, brown and white wearing a nylon collar. Lost south of Altamont near Asbury Methodist Church. Call: 217-821-6529

LOST 8/12: Female gray with some white mixed in fur cat. One-year-old is inside cat that may have gotten out. Spayed. May be a little skittish with strangers. Gone since August 9. Lost from 912 East Lynn Drive in Homewood Subdivision. Call: 217-342-6304

FOUND 08/10: Approximately 2-year-old Heifer. Found northeast of Montrose. Call: 217-649-1391

LOST 08/05:  Male Basset Hound with dark brown, brown and white fur wearing a St. Louis Cardinals collar.  Lost between Teutopolis and Effingham south of the Dieterich bank. Call:  217-857-3933

LOST 08/01: Older female black lab/terrier mix lost in Lake Sara area. She's a family pet and greatly missed. Ran because of a storm last week. Call: 1-217-690-1578. Be sure to put 1-217 on the phone number or it won't go through.

FOUND 07/29: Dog with no collar, young, energetic, very friendly. Long-haired, well groomed, mostly black with light brown and white and a white stripe down front of face. Found in neighborhood by the Equity in Effingham at the corner of Temple and Merchant. Call: 502-991-2632

LOST 7/28: Fuzzy, 6-year-old neutered male cat. Long hair grey tabby with white paws. Timid, resourceful, quiet. Lost at the Super 8 Motel as owners were traveling through on cross country move. Spotted between bushes between Sears and the motel but he wouldn't come to them. Call: 479-871-2870



LOST 7/27: Four-year-old female Calico cat, no collar or tags. Lost from Lake Sara area, 1400th Avenue. Call: 815-210-3746

LOST 7/27: Male cat, black with white on chest, no collar. Lost in Heartville. Call: 217-536-5005

LOST 7/25: Mini Dachshund, black & tan, has no collar. Lost west of Teutopolis. Call: 217-821-4796

FOUND 7/19: Small tan intact male dog with red collar. Very friendly and wants in the house. Found on County Road 700 East of Farina. Call: 618-339-3373

LOST 7/18: Two six week old puppies. One female tan and one male black and tan. Lost south of Bishop Church. Call: 217-821-1708

LOST 7/12: Dog, brown and black with an orange collar and tags. His name is Moonshine and he is microchipped. Lost from old Watson road in Effingham. Call: 217-663-6460

FOUND 7/11: Red male, Dachshund found on North Walnut St in Effingham. Call 217-342-4230

LOST 7/7: Cat named Brownie. Female tortoiseshell, two years old. Rather owl-like face and a little pudgy. Missing since the last week in June. Brown and black mixed. Missing from area of Jefferson Avenue and Cleveland near Goeckner dealership. Call: 217-342-6304 or 217-273-9002

FOUND 7/6: Older female Golden Retriever with grey collar, no tags. Found behind the mall in Effingham. Call: 217-994-1164

LOST 7/4: Max, a nine-year-old teacup Yorkie. He is brown, black and gray. Went missing around 10 p.m. from 217 South East Street in Watson. Call: 217-821-3983

LOST 7/4: German Shepherd mix female black and tan. Medium size. Should have a chain collar on with rabies tag. Lost in  Shumway because of fireworks around 7 p.m. Call: 217-821-5569

LOST 7/3: Together a Great Pyrenees and a half Australian Shepherd/half lab mix. Both had collars, the Australian Shepherd's collar is orange. Lost in Heartville. Call: 217-690-6003

LOST 7/2: Dark brown/black Shih Tzu named Rascal. Has collar with American flag bow. Lost Saturday evening around 9:30 p.m. on Jefferson and Forrest Street. Call: 217-343-2632

FOUND 6/27: Dark grey tiger striped pattern kitten with gold/yellow eyes, approximately 3 months old, no collar or microchip, has its claws.  Found near Bliss Park in Effingham.  Call:  217-690-2041

LOST 6/22: A male Yorkie with a mostly brown face, very tiny, approximately 5 pounds. Lost near Kagay/Enterprise area. Call: 618-240-4904

LOST 6/22: A Black Lab mix and a Coon Hound mix both lost near Bliss Park. Call: 217-663-3189

LOST 6/17: Small white dog named Prince. Lost from South Third Street in Effingham. Call: 361-688-0392

LOST 6/12: A medium size Blue Nose Pit female named Chevelle that is 8 months old and is very friendly. She is tan with white on her face, under her belly on the tip of her tail and on her paws. She was last seen June 11 at 2707 South 3rd Street in Altamont. She broke the ring off of her collar, and may have lost her entire collar as well. Call: 217-994-8192

LOST 6/07: A medium-large sized female dog named Sally, has light blonde fur, not wearing a collar. Last seen June 4 on N. 1600th St. near the old police station road. Call: 217-821-0686

LOST 6/06: Black Angus bottle calf lost two miles north and two miles east of Gila. Call: 217-433-1274

LOST 6/04: Lost dog. Missy is a little red healer, lost near the TA Truck Stop, wearing a pink vest. Call: 210 574 4298

FOUND 6/02: Gray female short-haired dog with collar but no tags. Very friendly. Found on South Fourth Street in Effingham. Call: 618-279-1358