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Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on December 15 2014 10:34 am

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission. 

Note: Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed and posted by our staff.

LOST 12/14: Four large butcher-size 4-H pinkish pigs. Two male and two female. One has blue eyes, two have noticeable ruptured bellies that hang. They are not mean but could be skittish. Love apples, gourds, pumpkins, etc. Lost by Bishop Creek, south of the church by Brummer Cattle Barns, possibly headed towards southwest T-town, Elliotstown road through the woods. Any help finding them would be appreciated by 12-year-old 4-Her. Call: 217-343-0771, 217-821-5112 or 925-5700

LOST 12/14: A two year old, brown chocolate Terrier with a light tan chest and red collar named Sparky.  Lost at Percival Road, not far from Danny's Qik Sak.  Call Rhonda: 217-536-9221

FOUND 12/12: A long-haired brown dog with white feet and pointed ears.  Found on Linden in Effingham.  Call: 342-2475  

FOUND 11/30: Chocolate lab, spayed female. Had a pink and ivory print collar on with black paw prints but no tags. Curly hair on her neck and rump. Very sweet and friendly. Picked her up on the side of 70 about 10 minutes east of Effingham. Call: 636-399-3433