Dustin White


I began work with WXEF Sports in 2010, performing fill-in duty for basketball and baseball broadcasts. In 2011, I also took over as statistician/color commentator for Effingham High School football broadcasts. My background in Effingham-area sports dates further back, however, as I covered sports at the Effingham Daily News from 2005 until 2010 under the ever-so-wise tutelage of Millie Lange … with quite a bit of input from the legendary Sam Rickelman mixed in as well.

Since May 2010, my full-time gig is at Eastern Illinois University. I was hired as a writer/copy editor for the newly created Web Office, but quickly learned the ways of the Web and was able to reclassify myself as a web specialist. EIU is also my alma mater; I earned my bachelor's degree in journalism in 2006. I graduated from Neoga High School in 2002.

Dani and Mackenzie visit the broadcast booth at Klosterman Field during EHS vs. Mt. Zion game in 2012

My wife, Danielle, and I currently reside in Neoga. We're avid Atlanta Braves fans — the Chipper Jones shirt Dani wore the first day I laid eyes on her gave me the necessary courage to speak to her. Four years later, we were married on Aug. 8, 2009, on the baseball diamond at Evergreen Hollow Park where we met.

Our daughter, Mackenzie, was born March 19, 2012, and is currently being groomed to root for the Braves and against the Blues ... although her mom and all the in-laws are working against me on that last one. We have two other "kids" — our dogs Evie and Josie — and great families that are always there for us.

Along with the Braves, my loyalties lie with the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, and University of Illinois basketball. Sports aren't my only interest, however, as I also play a little guitar and love music; I prefer the same rock n' roll my old man listened to when he was a kid, but there are songs of pretty much every genre (besides country) that I enjoy.