T-town Wins Mount Vernon Doubles Tennis Title


Published on September 30 2013 7:10 am
Last Updated on September 30 2013 7:10 am
Written by Millie Lange

MOUNT VERNON -- Teutopolis High School captured the championship of the Mount Vernon Doubles Tournament Saturday.

The Wooden Shoes captured three of the four doubles titles. Alli Vogt and Sidney Brumleve took first in the No. 1 doubles with 36 points.

Taking first at No. 3 doubles were Taylor Deters and Ashley Hemmen. First also went to Heather Dust and Kara Schwinke in the No. 4 doubles.

Kaitlyn Deters and Holley Wright finished second with 31 points.

"The girls won all of their matches except for one against some very talented girls," said T-town Coach Kaye Kimpling.

At Mt. Vernon Doubles Tournament

No. 1 Doubles Alli Vogt/Sidney Brumleve -- 1st Place, 36 points

Defeated Catie Raney/Gauri Kaushal, Mt. Vernon 10-2

Defeated Shelby Holst/Ashley West, Salem 9-3

Defeated Olivia Clark-Kittelson. Alex Hiller, Carbondale 7-5

Defeated Allison Fox/Shem Ross, Marion 10-2


No. 2 Doubles Kaitlyn Deters/Holley Wright -- 2nd Place, 31 points

Defeated Amanda Scott/Abigail Winkler, Mt. Vernon 7-5

Defeated Sasha Maynard/Julie Boeker, Salem 12-0

Lost to Niusha Daneshdoest/Lauren Butler, Carbondale 5-7

Defeated Katie Childers/Anna Bartle, Marion 7-5


No. 3 Doubles Taylor Deters/Ashley Hemmen -- 1st Place, 39 points

Defeated Shubhika Jain/Liz Hurst, Mt. Vernon 7-5

Defeated Sophia Hoeflich/Sydney Guerin, Salem 12-0

Defeated R. Robinson/Chandnali Agrowal, Carbondale 9-3

Defeated Vika Nolen/Sarah Diederich, Marion 11-1


No. 4 Doubles Heather Dust/Kara Schwinke -- 1st Place, 39 points

Defeated Shreya Nair/Anessa Montgomery, Mt. Vernon 12-0

Defeated Alexa Garden/Lexi Self, Salem 10-2

Defeated P. Patel/Carolyn Fry, Carbondale 7-5

Defeated Marcio Miller/Masha Nolen, Marion 10-2