Teutopolis JV Blank Salem 9-0


Published on August 24 2012 7:38 am
Last Updated on August 24 2012 7:38 am
Written by Millie Lange

The Teutopolis junior varsity tennis squad played Salem at home Thursday evening and won 9-0.

Ashley Hemmen, Kara Schwinke, Taylor Deters, Heather Dust, Alissa Apke and Kylie Oseland all won in singles play. Hemmen-Deters, Amber Kreke/Charlotte Wente and Taylor Hartke/Sarah Thoele all picked up doubles wins.

"This was our first match of the season and the girls played very well," said T-town Coach Kaye Kimpling.

At Teutopolis

Teutopolis 9, Salem 0


No. 1 -- Ashley Hemmen (TT) defeated Ashley West (S), 10-2

No. 2 -- Kara Schwinke (TT) defeated Ashley Brooks (S), 10-1

No. 3 -- Taylor Deters (TT) defeated Sasha Mayhard (S), 10-0

No. 4-- Heather Dust (TT) defeated Julie Bloemer (S), 10-0

No. 5-- Alissa Apke (TT) defeated Callah Mathena (S), 10-0

No. 6 -- Kylie Oseland (TT) defeated Allexis (no last name listed) (S), 10-0


No. 1 -- Hemmen-Deters (TT) defeated West/Brooks (S), 10-5

No. 2 -- Amber Kreke/Charlotte Wente (TT) defeated Maynard-Boeher (S), 10-2

No. 3 -- Taylor Hartke-Sarah Thoele (TT) defeated Jayna Garrett/Mathena (S), 10-0