Slowpitch Scores from Thursday, August 1


Published on August 2 2013 9:39 am
Last Updated on August 5 2013 8:13 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Game One--Bud Lite 8, Effingham Truck Repair 6 (Bud Lite scored four runs in the first, three in the second and one in the fourth; Truck Repair scored one in the first, two in the fourth, one in the fifth and two runs in the sixth; Justin Gillum got the win; Ty Arnold took the loss)

Game Two--Effingham Truck Repair 31, Bud Lite 5 (Truck Repair scored six runs in the first, nine in the second, seven in the third and nine in the fourth; Bud Lite scored all five of its runs in the first inning; Ty Arnold got the win; Garrett Overbeck took the loss)

Game One--Barr Construction 9, Clay County Hospital 6 (Barr scored three runs in the first, two in the sixth and four in the seventh; Hospital scored two in the third, a run in the fourth and three in the seventh; each team had 19 hits; Travis got the win; Andrew took the loss; Zach homered in the sixth with one on)

Game Two--Barr Construction 15, Clay County Hospital 8 (Barr scored two runs in the first, a run in the third, five in the fifth and seven in the sixth; Hospital scored three in the first, two in the third, and three in the fifth inning; Barr racked up 27 hits; Hospital had 19 hits; Aaron got the win; Andrew took the loss; Tim homered in the third with one on)