Gene Zerrusen Named to ASA Hall of Fame


Published on January 30 2018 9:14 am
Last Updated on January 30 2018 9:14 am

Recently the 2018 Illinois ASA (Amateur Softball Association) Hall of Fame Selections were announced.

Gene Zerrusen is one of the 10 individuals that will be inducted during the banquet at the Decatur Hotel & Convention Center April 14.  Zerrusen was nominated due to his many years of playing softball in the area.  He began playing for the Teutopolis Press team at the age of 17 and then played for Crystal Club, followed by Effingham TA (Truckstops of America) which later became BOSS (Bonutti Orthopedic Sports Specialist).  Zerrusen ended his career by playing with the family team of Chippy’s Twisters.

In 1992 Zerrusen was named MVP of the Illinois Men’s Major (Class AA) State Tournament at Carlinville.  In that tournament he hit a walk-off home run with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning to win the State Championship.

He was named to the All-State team in three different classes (Class A, Class AA and Class B). He played in numerous state tournaments, helping win two Men's Major (Class AA) State tournaments, a Class A Midwest Regional, and was a part of four teams that qualified for National Tournaments, (one in Class A and three at the Men's Major level).
As an individual player, Zerrusen will be introduced by a member of the Illinois ASA Executive Board and will receive a Hall of Fame plaque, a Hall of Fame lapel pin and his name will be inscribed on the permanent plaques which will be on display at the hotel and also at the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame Museum in Casey.
Not only will Zerrusen be recognized as an individual during the banquet.  Effingham TA/BOSS also will be inducted as a team with all former players being invited to attend.  The team, one of only four being inducted, will be placed on the permanent plaque at the Illinois ASA Hall of Fame in Casey and each player in attendance will receive a commemorative coin.  A plaque will be presented to the manager/or representative of the team at the ceremony.
USA Softball is the governing body for the United States national softball team. In addition, it oversees more than 150,000 amateur teams nationwide. It is a 501 non-profit organization.  The team and anyone interested in attending the banquet can make reservations for $40 per person for dinner and the banquet.  Children 12 and under are $25. For convenience in making seating arrangements for the banquet, it would be best to make the team reservations as a group.