Fishing Show Filming at Newton Lake


Published on October 8 2013 10:16 am
Last Updated on October 8 2013 10:16 am
Written by Millie Lange

There is a new fishing show coming to WFN (World Fishing Network) in 2014. It’s called The Bass Doctor, and features fishing footage from top lakes around the country. The host, who is the Bass Dr. is FLW touring pro Todd Hollowell from Indianapolis Indiana.

Hollowell actually got his nickname “Doc” while pitching minor league baseball. While the shows don’t begin airing until January 2014, right now is when they are being filmed and produced, and the “Doc” was at The Outdoor Sportsman’s Lodge near Newton Lake for
filming Monday and Tuesday.

OSL owner Tab Walker took the crew fishing both days, and said they ended up putting in a lot of work, but came up with a real quality shoot full of really big bass.

“This is actually our 45th show on Newton” Walker said, “But our first working with Todd and his crew. Had a great time with them, and look forward to seeing the finished product when it airs on WFN.”

Walker added that there is always a bit of pressure involved, knowing that tens of thousands of dollars are already spent, betting on this shoot to be a success.

“We have never failed to get one completed yet, but there are certainly moments along the way that you wonder if the fish are reading the script.”

There is a lot more to making one of these shows than just a couple guys catching fish. Hollowell has to make sure he mentions every sponsor in some way on each show, and the network has certain rules about what you can and can’t say along the way too. There are times that the producer tells you to mention this, but make sure you don’t say that, and make it all sound natural coming out.

“After editing, it will all look seamless in the show” Walker said, “but on set, we sometimes had to do it half a dozen times to get it right.” And if any of you started cracking up laughing, you might as well wait a half hour before trying it again, because the longer you try, the funnier it

To get a sneak peak at the Bass Dr. show, visit their website at For more information about The Outdoor Sportsman’s Lodge, visit their website at, or visit Outdoor Sportsmans Lodge on Facebook.