Red Tide Team Members Claim Top Spots


Published on August 8 2018 12:26 pm
Last Updated on August 8 2018 12:58 pm
Written by Millie Lange


 Gracie Slifer got first while teammate Allie Wilhelms was third.

The Effingham Red Tide swim team hosted its 1st annual Summer League Swimming Championship at the Workman Sports Complex on August 4th. The event brought in 300 swimmers from central Illinois. Entry to the meet required swimmers to place in the top 6 at their conference swim meet. The Red Tide teamed up with teams from Champaign, Charleston, Tuscola and Shelbyville to represent the Central Illinois Swim Conference which won the meet with a combined score of 4165. The Illiana conference scored second with 2468, Southern Illinois Swim League was third with 2237.5 points, and Midstate Conference was fourth with 1938.5 points. The meet was a high point meet with awards going to the top 3 in each age group.

Alex Ciorna finished first while Juls Harden took second.

Winning high point trophies from Effingham were:

Gracie Slifer – 1st place girls 9-10

Allie Wilhelms – 3rd place girls 9-10

Marcus Geen – 3rd place boys 9-10

Chloe Wells – 3rd place girls 11-12

Aidan Braunecker – 1st place boys 11-12

Tyler Sparks – 2nd place boys 11-12

Alex Ciorna – 1st place girls 13-14

Juls Harden – 2nd place girls 13-14

Nikki Lee – 2nd place girls 15-18

Austin Huebner – 2nd place boys 15-18

Aidan Braunecker finished first while Tyler Sparks took second.


This was the last meet to end the Effingham Red Tide summer season. The Red Tide would like to thank its coaches, Elizabeth Braunecker, David Duncan and Leigh Ann Stuckemeyer, swimmers and parents for another successful swim season.

Individual Results:

Girls 6 & Under:

Miley Wilson – 9th Backstroke, 6th Butterfly, 11th Freestyle


Girls 7-8:

Kiley Bloemer – 17th Backstroke, 26th Butterfly, 29th Freestyle

Morgan Bloemer – 22nd Backstroke, 31st Butterfly, 32nd Freestyle

Cece Passalacqua – 26th Backstroke, 22nd Butterfly, 28th Breaststroke, 33rd Freestyle

Lydia Aldrich – 27th Backstroke, 13th Butterfly, 8th Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle


Boys 7-8:

Aiden Bloemer – 10th Backstroke, 9th Butterfly, 15th Freestyle

Chase Dorris – 12th Backstroke, 11th Butterfly, 4th Breaststroke, 12th Freestyle

Cameron Budde – 15th Backstroke, 12th Butterfly, 23rd Freestyle

Thomas Slifer – 17th Backstroke, 6th Breaststroke, 18th Freestyle


Girls 9-10:

Gracie Slifer – 1st IM, 2nd Butterfly, 1st Breaststroke, 1st Freestyle

Allie Wilhelms – 3rd IM, 1st Backstroke, 7th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle

Mollie Slifer – 7th IM, 2nd Backstroke, 4th Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle

Isabella Keller – 8th IM, 8th Backstroke, 6th Butterfly, 8th Freestyle

Kaylee Sparks – 20th IM, 16th Butterfly, 23rd Breaststroke, 20th Freestyle

Elizabeth Hirtzel – 6th Backstroke, 15th Butterfly, 13th Breaststroke, 19th Freestyle

Avery Aldrich – 7th Backstroke, 8th Butterfly, 3rd Breaststroke, 7th Freestyle

Veronica Sudkamp – 20th Backstroke, 24th Breaststroke, 28th Freestyle

Grace Lewis – 23rd Backstroke, 21st Freestyle


Boys 9-10:

Marcus Geen – 2nd IM, 4th Butterfly, 3rd Breaststroke, 6th Freestyle

Brady Wilson – 9th IM, 8th Backstroke, 3rd Butterfly, 16th Freestyle

Gabe Huebner – 10th IM, 10th Backstroke, 2nd Breaststroke, 15th Freestyle

Daniel Ramos – 3rd Backstroke, 11th Butterfly, 12th Breaststroke, 14th Freestyle

Juluis Ramos – 4th Backstroke, 9th Butterfly, 7th Breaststroke, 9th Freestyle


Girls 11-12:

Chloe Wells – 3rd IM, 3rd Backstroke, 6th Butterfly, 6th Freestyle

Kaitlyn Budde – 4th IM, 9th Butterfly, 2nd Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle

Cailey Dorris – 6th IM, 5th Backstroke, 5th Breaststroke, 14th Freestyle

Sarah Hirtzel – 9th IM, 13th Butterfly, 8th Breaststroke, 9th Freestyle


Boys 11-12:

Aidan Braunecker – 1st IM, 1st Backstroke, 1st Butterfly, 1st Freestyle

Tyler Sparks – 2nd IM, 3rd Backstroke, 4th Butterfly, 4th Freestyle

Patrick Ciorna – 5th IM, 2nd Backstroke, 3rd Butterfly,

Calvin Sudkamp – 10th IM, 14th Breaststroke, 17th Freestyle


Girls 13-14:

Alex Ciorna – 1st IM, 1st Backstroke, 2nd Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle

Juls Harden – 2nd IM, 4th Backstroke, 1st Butterfly, 1st Freestyle

Elise Passalacqua – 9th IM, 11th Butterfly, 6th Breaststroke, 11th Freestyle

Bridget Sudkamp – 17th Backstroke, 17th Breaststroke, 27th Freestyle


Boys 13-14:

Giovanni Bucio – 9th IM, 14th Butterfly, 6th Breaststroke, 11th Freestyle

Tyler Stuckemeyer – 1st Backstroke, 5th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle


Girls 15-18:

Nikki Lee – 2nd IM, 1st Backstroke, 5th Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle

Brooke Stuckemeyer – 6th IM, 4th Backstroke, 3rd Butterfly, 8th Freestyle

Claire Sudkamp – 11th IM, 9th Breaststroke, 14th Freestyle


Boys 15-18:

Austin Huebner – 1st IM, 3rd Backstroke, 4th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle

Austin Huebner claimed second place.

Chloe Wells finished third.

Marcus Geen claimed third place.

Nikki Lee took second place.