EHS Basketball Camp Award Winners


Published on May 30 2018 7:01 am
Last Updated on May 30 2018 7:01 am
Written by Millie Lange

Awards were announced for the 2018 Play with Heart Basketball Camp for Effingham Hearts Basketball.

Daily and Overall “Play with Heart” Award Winners

Fourth through sixth grade winners were, left to right, Leo  Wyckoff, Nolan Fearday, Lincoln Irvin, KJ Kellam, Ethan Jones, Rylan Pals, James Wise, Lane Frost, Brodie Belcher, Jake Niebrugge, Aiden Wendling and Roscoe Davies. Not pictured was Logan Jones.

Session 1 (Fourth-Sixth Grades)

Daily Award Winners were:

Ethan Jones, Brodie Belcher, Logan Jones, Rylan Pals, Lane Frost, Leo Wyckoff, Jake Niebrugge, Roscoe Davies, Aiden Wendling, Lincoln Irvin and James Wise

Overall Winners were:

Inspiration Award- Nolan Fearday

Dedication Award-Lane Frost

Determination Award-Ethan Jones

Celebration Award-Brodie Belcher


Award winners in seventh through ninth grades were, left to right, Brody Stortzum, Tyler Feldhake, Andrew Donaldson, Tyler Nohren, Camden Raddatz, Spencer Fox, Quest Hull, Garrett Wolfe, Carter Bushue, Thad Dillow and Connor Thompson. Not pictured was Dalton Fox.

Session 2 (Seventh-Ninth Grades)

Daily Award Winners were:

Tyler Nohren, Brody Stortzum, Tyler Feldhake, Garret Wolfe, Thad Dillow, Dalton Fox, Spencer Fox, Quest Hull, Carter Bushue, Camden Raddatz and Andrew Donaldson.

Overall Winners were:

Inspiration Award -- Garrett Wolfe

Dedication Award -- Spencer Fox

Determination Award -- Quest Hull

Celebration Award -- Connor Thompson