Library Board Reviews Goals for 2014


Published on January 16 2014 2:07 pm
Last Updated on January 16 2014 2:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Helen Matthes Library board members approved their 2014 action plan at this week's meeting.  The chief item on the agenda?   Getting started on renovating the former 5th/3rd Bank building for the new library home.

Other chief goals include hosting Welcome to the Library parties for new library patrons, and increasing the number of non-resident members and city members each by 5%.

The Board accepted a gift of stock that was given to help pay for the library relocation and renovation project.  The sale of the stock generated $5,000.  Board members heard a presentation from the Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund on an investment pool for municipalities that might also apply to the library and generate more generous returns on investments.  The library board will hear a presentation from local investment interests at next month's meeting.

Library board members got to meet Holly Bray who will be working with Library Director Amanda McKay on the new library fund drive and Sally Van der Graaff, who will be a spring intern at the library as she works on her Masters degree.