Dieterich Board Approves Teacher Contract


Published on January 15 2014 3:55 pm
Last Updated on January 15 2014 3:55 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich school board members have ratified a three-year contract with school district teachers.  

The contract will cover school years 2014 to 2016.

The Board also endorsed a position statement regarding the use of tax revenues if the County Tax Swap is approved in March.  The Board is committed to using the funds to:

--pay existing building bonds and interest that are currently being levied against property taxpayers until they are paid in full in the year 2026

--continue to repair and renovate existing school facilities as needs arise

--not to use the funds for salaries or any other expenses within the District except as authorized by statute.

The Board amended the school calendar to reflect six emergency days used.  The calendar will need to be amended further of additional days are missed.

Board members accepted a donation from the Dieterich Sportsbackers totaling $12,500.  The funds are to be used to offset the cost of athletic transportation during this school year.  The Board was very appreciative of the efforts of the Sportsbackers, who they have been very active in raising funds through various efforts throughout the year.

Administrators Cary Jackson, Kevin Haarman and Kathy Pattenaude presented a quarterly update of their goals for the school year and indicated progress is being made in the areas of Common Core, PARCC Testing, district communications, finance, teacher evaluations and mentoring.  Haarman and Pattenaude reported on progress made by a teacher evaluation committee comprised of three administrators and three teachers.  The group has been working on a teacher evaluation plan that must be in place by the fall of 2016.

Haarman reported on the Dieterich Holiday boys and girls basketball tournaments.  He said there was an increase in gate receipts that results in a larger payout to the schools who participated.  

Information was also shared on a cooperative venture to secure a Career Connect Grant by local school districts, Lake Land College and local manufacturing companies.  The grant would provide funds to promote vocational education within the region, and is designed to provide additional opportunities for students and potential workers in the region.