State Police Will Accept Paper Applications for Concealed Carry


Published on December 20 2013 2:24 pm
Last Updated on December 20 2013 2:24 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

While the Illinois State Police have launched a concealed carry website that will assist the public with a number of criteria, they have decided that paper applications will also be accepted.  The Quinn administration, after complaints from lawmakers, says that paper applications will be accepted beginning in July.

According to State Representative John Cavaletto of Salem, "At all of our public meetings on the new concealed carry law I heard from residents about having an option to apply with a paper application.  So I have been working with my colleagues to work out a plan to allow all citizens a way to take advantage of their constitutional right without having to use a computer on line.  I'm encouraged that there will be a paper application option starting in July, but it should be starting January 5 (when the online service begins operation) so I'll keep working to move that date up."

Lawmakers throughout the state complained that only allowing people to apply online would not be fair to some residents of rural areas who either don't have access to computers or aren't comfortable using them.

Earlier this year, Illinois became the last state in the nation to make it legal to carry concealed weapons.  An estimated 400,000 applicants are expected to apply for permits in the first year alone.

In the meantime, for those with computers, the new website will assist the public with eligibility requirements, application fees, training requirements, official forms, information for firearms instructors, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Representative Cavaletto is enocuraging Illinois applicants who can utilize computers to visit the new ISP website in advance of the January 5 application posting date.

Here's the new website address: