VIDEO: Effingham a Part of the Song "Angels Riding Shotgun"


Published on September 3 2013 4:21 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Earlier this year, we aired the song, "Angels Riding Shotgun" by Off the Map With Miss Amy. In addition to the quality of the song, we also aired it since it makes reference at the opening to the Cross at the Crossroads in Effingham.

Amy has since shared that she was traveling by vehicle from Kansas to New Jersey. She said, "After the kids fell asleep (my angels) I thought I would just drive through. Just as the first verse says 'It's 1am, here I am again, I-70 through Illinois and just when I'm sure I've lost my way, Effingham Cross comes into view".

Amy added, "On that long stretch of highway, in the middle of the night with my angels asleep it was easy to feel a little lost. It was such a comfort to me to encounter the Cross. I even imagined that's why it was put there, to remind the weary traveler that he is not alone."

On a further note, Amy's stepfather in Kansas died since that trip. Her brother was driving their mother to her new home near Amy in New Jersey. She had sent her mother a "rough" of the album to listen to.

While thinking about them on the road, Amy called her mother on her cell phone, and it was just as they were approaching the Cross. She said, "We had a good cry about that."

A video has now been released to help promote the song and the Effingham Cross is included in the footage. We thought you would enjoy the song and the video and their mention of our area.