Weekly State Crop Report for September 2


Published on September 3 2013 3:19 pm
Last Updated on September 3 2013 3:20 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Last week saw a return to more normal temperatures while much of the state remained dry.

Statewide temperatures averaged 74.4 degrees, 1.1 degrees above normal. Precipitation across the state averaged 0.34 inches, 0.32 inches below normal. While most of the state remained dry, the Northeast District averaged 1.10 inches of rain with some areas receiving more than 2 inches. The dry conditions across the state continue to have a negative
impact on the crop conditions. There were 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork.

Topsoil moisture continued to decline and was rated at 17 percent very short, 52 percent short, and 31 percent adequate. Subsoil moisture was rated at 14 percent very short, 42 percent short, and 44 percent adequate.

Corn dough reached 88 percent, compared to 98 percent last year and the 5-year average of 88 percent. Corn in the dent stage reached 29 percent, continuing to lag behind the five-year average of 56 percent. Corn condition was rated at 3 percent very poor, 10 percent poor, 28 percent fair, 45 percent good, and 14 percent excellent.

Soybeans blooming progressed to 94 percent and soybeans setting pods reached 83 percent. Soybean condition was rated at 2 percent very poor, 10 percent poor, 28 percent fair, 51 percent good, and 9 percent excellent.

Pasture conditions continued to decline and were rated at 7 percent very poor, 16 percent poor, 35 percent fair, 37 percent good, and 5 percent excellent.