Water Authority Discusses Lake Sara Campground


Published on August 15 2013 4:44 pm
Last Updated on August 15 2013 4:44 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham Water Authority trustees discussed an inspection of Lake Sara Campgrounds at this week's meeting.

Trustee Rob Brown reported that a representative of the Illinois Department of Public Health office in Marion inspected the campgrounds on Monday.  The inspection revealed that no sewage is going into the lake, however the current septic system needs to be upgraded.  Brown said campgrounds owner Danny Hankins is in the process of getting a permit to upgrade the system from the Effingham County Health Department.  Hankins is currently operating the campgrounds without a license, pending the installation of a sand filter system. 

Water Authority Attorney Tony Siemer was instructed to write a letter to Hankins stating he is in violation of his lease and to find out how long it will be before the upgrade is completed.  Acting Chairman Jim Boos stated a special meeting will be scheduled within the next couple of weeks to work on a new lease with the potential purchasers of the campgrounds who are ready to move forward with the acquisition.

Trustees also heard that asbestos removal in the basement of the Lake Superintendent's residence has been completed.  Basement repair bids were tabled until a scope can be run through the pipes to determine where leaks and cracks are so that repairs can be made.

Also, a new truck for Lake Superintendent Michael Dirks has been ordered and should be in within four to five weeks.  The Water Authority also purchased road maintenance materials.

Trustee Chairman Chris Kabbes was not present for the meeting.