Altamont Enrollment Up, State Revenue Down


Published on August 13 2013 3:29 pm
Last Updated on August 13 2013 3:29 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Current projections indicate the Altamont school district will educate more students on less money during the coming year.

Altamont Superintendent Jeff Fritchtnitch said it's expected the district will receive $132,000 less in General State Aid this year than last year.  It's also expected that Altamont Grade School enrollment will total more than 530 students with Altamont Community High School projected to enroll more than 280 students.

The Altamont board dealt with several personnel matters.  The Board accepted the resignation of Jodi Frost, called back Justin Harrison as a second grade teacher, hired Lindsey Young as a teacher's aide, accepted the resignations of Anthony Camp and Danielle Camp as teacher's aides, approved Mike Delaney as a volunteer assistant junior high baseball coach, approved administrative assignments for the coming school year, and authorized the administration to employ teacher aides as needed.

Board members placed a tentative fiscal year budget on public display until the September meeting, heard from Fritchtnitch that the district's workers compensation experience rating is back over "one" while the goal is to keep it below "one", and discussed draft extra-curricular self-funding guidelines.