Report of Infant Death a Hoax


Published on August 1 2013 4:17 pm
Last Updated on August 1 2013 4:17 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

A death of an infant reported by a Toledo woman turned out to be a hoax.  The woman never had a baby.

We have reported that funeral services were scheduled for Saturday for a baby named Jayleigh Heuerman, that was allegedly the daughter of Daniel and Kyerra Scott Heuerman of Toledo.

Clark County authorities Thursday, though, said there was no such baby.

The Casey Police Department said officials at Goodwin Family Funeral Home in Casey were told by Kyerra Heuerman that she had given birth at a hospital in Terre Haute, and that the baby had died.  The funeral home worked with her to schedule funeral services, but after they didn't receive the body for several days after the death was reported, they contacted the hospital.  Funeral home officials were told by the hospital that no such birth or death had occurred.

The funeral home contacted us and other media outlets today to pull the obituary notice.  That's when we contacted Casey and Clark County authorities who told us the incident was a hoax.

Additionally, a fund was established to solicit donations for the family, but none of the money was ever withdrawn and the funds are being returned to the donors.

Casey police say it doesn't look like any charges will be filed in the matter.  Police say it appears that Heuerman was pregnant several months ago but the pregnancy ended early in the term and that it's unclear whether anyone else knew the pregnancy ended.