County Board Acts on Appointment to Health Board; Gets Chastised for Own Actions


Published on July 15 2013 6:02 pm
Last Updated on July 15 2013 6:10 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham County Board Monday approved the appointment of a member to the County Board of Health without a recommendation from the health board.

Meanwhile, a former County Board member chastised the actions of the Board during a committee meeting last week.

The County Board voted to appoint Blair Jenson to a two-year term on the Board of Health.  Member Karen Luchtefeld voted No on the appointment.

County Board Chairman Jim Niemann was not present at Monday's meeting, but left a written statement for Vice-Chairman Dave Campbell, who presided over the meeting, to read.

Niemann's statement noted that it's been past practice to have the Board of Health vett and nominate someone to be appointed to their body.  Niemann wrote, though, that he feels the Health Department "is losing money at an alarming rate" and "changes need to be made".

Health Department Administrator Kim Esker didn't argue about the appointment, but did note that past appointment practices were in accordance with the law, just a different mechanism.

Meanwhile, former County Board member Wayne Russell took the County Board to task for holding a closed door meeting when the Building and Grounds Committee met last week.  Reports are that both doors leading into a separate office were closed.  Some board members left the session prior to its conclusion; others stayed for the duration.

Russell said when some individuals were children and they knew they had done wrong, they had to go cut their own switch before the punishment was inflicted.  Russell suggested that the Board members needed to consider such punishment for what some were terming "an illegal meeting".

Meanwhile, the County Board Monday amended the County budget to account for grant funds received by the Probation Department for training...honored retired County Emergency Management Agency Director Russ Thomas for 16 years of service...honored the Teutopolis High School baseball team for their Final Four finish at the state tournament this spring...and approved a $1,000 donation from hotel/motel funds for the recent Independence Day fireworks display at Lake Sara.


The Board tabled action til August on a postage machine for the County Government Center...approved the allocation of $110,000 in Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax revenue received from the State...approved a $15 fee for microchipping dogs and cats that are apprehended after running loose...agreed to seek grant funds for public transportation...and named Bill Arnold to represent the Sheriff's Department and David Bloemer to represent the Maintenance Department on the Safety Committee.

Board members approved a four-lot residential subdivision plat at Moccasin Road and Cardinal Lane to be known as Gemstone Subdivision Second Addition...heard that a new garage had arrived to be located in front of the Health Department office to replace some deteriorating units...heard from Effingham County Fair Board President Phil Hartke, who was seeking funds again this year to help pay for security at this year's fair, with a vote to come once the matter is considered in committee...and were introduced by Resident Circuit Judge Kimberly Koester to new Effingham County Public Defender Scott Schmidt.