Dieterich Village Board Discusses Flood Insurance


Published on July 3 2013 3:43 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The recent rains have led to flooding throughout the area, including in Dieterich.  That's part of the reason participating in the National Flood Insurance Program was on the Dieterich Village Board's agenda this week.

Area insurance agent Leon Gobczynski told board members that Dieterich residents can't get flood insurance until their community is in the Flood Insurance area.  Board members, though, want to know who in the village would be included in the flood plain before they'd participate in the program.  More discussion on the issue is expected at the Board's August meeting.

Also, the village board got a report on work being done by Milano and Grunloh Engineers to survey the village cemetery to know exactly where the graves are located in the older part of the cemetery before concrete work is done in the cemetery.  The Board also discussed an extension of Amy Street to serve a lot in the village industrial park soon to be sold to a developer.

Board members discussed a site plan for CandleArt on a lot in the Industrial Park.  The firm owned by Phil Niemerg now operates in the Bishop Creek community, generating wholesale candle sales around the world, but Niemerg is looking at developing a retail sales market so would like to be in town.  The Board named Village Treasurer Dorothy Merry as Deputy Clerk when Village Clerk Brittny Gipson goes on maternity leave; approved the appropriations ordinance for the fiscal year; and approved a zoning variance reducing the rear yard setback on the lot where a four-plex apartment project is be developed.

The Board discussed a policy update regarding late fees for water service and for tampering with water meters.  A vote on the issue is expected in August.  There was also discussion of planting trees on the east side of the baseball diamond fence including seeking the donation of trees; as well as replacing a portion of fence adjoining the Bob Orsborn property on the east side of Liberty Memorial Park.

Board members also discussed the Civic Center Board's request for funds to remodel the restrooms at the Civic Center and will consider funds once an updated quote on the work is received; agreed to make repairs to the small pavilion north of the tennis courts; and agreed to removing the bushes around the Veterans Memorial in replacing them with decorative rock.

There was also discussion of playground surface improvement recommendations form the Park Committee, but village board members agreed nothing could be done until next year because of the rainy weather this construction season.