PHOTOS: Flood Waters Have Receded in Flora; Outlying Areas Still Getting Back to Normal


Published on June 23 2013 3:56 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

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Flooding was a major problem in the Clay County area Sunday, after a storm that dumped up to seven inches of rain on the area.

Flora Police Chief John Nicholson said Sunday’s heavy rains and flooding are examples of why they call them “flash floods”.  The rainfall caused water levels to rise after 11am Sunday, leading Nicholson to establish a Command Center utilizing Clay County ESDA and area firefighters to deal with significant flooding.

Nicholson said four to five residents had water inside the main portions of their homes and said many people had water up to knee deep in their basements.  Water also seeped into the foyers of a number of Flora businesses and Nicholson said the number of vehicles flooding ranged from the teens to low 20s.

The area around Charley Brown Park was particularly hard-hit, where Nicholson said the flood waters approached the tops of some vehicles.

Fortunately, the waters receded almost as quickly as they rose.  Nicholson said 95% of Flora streets were re-opened between 4 and 5pm and said there is no flooding in the city today.  He said last night’s rains did not fall quickly or intensely enough to cause additional flooding problems in town.

Reports of up to nine inches of rain were received in the Clay County area.

Residents near Hord said that Route 45 was underwater in that area.  The photo below was taken in the Hord area.  Route 45 in the distance can't be seen due to the flooding.

This photo was taken near the entrance to Charley Brown Park in Flora.