Rotary Honors SAA Recipients


Published on April 22 2013 12:19 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp


The Forty-Fifth Annual Society for Academic Achievement Program was held on Thursday, April 11 at the Effingham High School Hearts Rock Cafe.

The event was sponsored by Noon Rotary Club and Sunrise Rotary Club of Effingham. This awards banquet has been organized by the combined efforts of the Rotary clubs in accordance with rules and regulations of the Society for Academic Achievement. The purpose of these awards is to give public recognition to the outstanding scholastic students of St. Anthony and Effingham high schools. These students are selected by the schools on the basis of good character and high scholarship achievement. Awards consist of scholastic pins or keys to qualifying seniors and scholastic school letters to qualifying juniors and sophomores.

These are limited to the 5% of each class at this awards banquet.

SAA Seniors
Front Row (Left to Right):  Kallie Koester (EHS) , Kaitlin Gurley (EHS), Mary Perkins (EHS), Jessica Bowlin (EHS), Kourtney Utz (EHS), Kelli Utz (EHS) and Elizabeth Anderson (EHS).
Second Row (Left to Right):  Nicholas Nosbisch (SAHS), Alex Keller (SAHS), Jake Spraul (SAHS) , Evan Jennings (EHS), Jeffrey Keitel (EHS), Deedra Myers (EHS) and Madisson Haake (EHS). 


SAA Juniors
Front Row (Left to Right):  Hayley Fatheree (EHS), Ellen Lechman (EHS), Shayla Bozdech (EHS) and Jenna Bingham (EHS).
Second Row (Left to Right):  Parth Maheshwari (EHS), Maggie Mumm (SAHS), Lauren Schmidt (SAHS) Sarah Womack (EHS), Caitlin Kauafman (EHS) and  Issac Foreman (EHS).
Not Pictured:  Jason Pike (EHS) and Macci Rueter (EHS).


SAA Sophomores
Front Row (Left to Right):  Rachel Weis (EHS), Emily Wortman (SAHS), Cheryl Macklin (EHS), Meghann Pruemer (EHS) and Morgan Wilson (EHS).
Second Row (Left to Right):  Sean French (EHS), Madeline McDevitt (SAHS), Peter Keller (SAHS), Kelly Keitel (EHS), Kelsey Curry (EHS), Felicia Totten (EHS) and Sean Sandifer (EHS).
Not Pictured:  Maria Began (EHS), Abby Hagen (EHS), Victoria Sims (EHS), Amber Vonderheide (EHS) and Ashley Workman (EHS).