Library Board Reviews Fundraising Brochures


Published on February 13 2013 2:54 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Members of the Helen Matthes Library Board met this week with the architects and engineers on the project to convert the former 5th/3rd Bank building into the new Effingham library home.  The Board also reviewed the brochures to be used as part of a fundraising effort to help pay for the conversion project.

Library Director Amanda McKay said the brochures will be shared when campaign fundraisers make calls to prospective donors.  McKay said they are forming a fundraising committee, and the campaign can begin once the committee members are in place.

As to the engineers, they were on hand to review what items now in the future library building could continue to be used.  McKay said they learned that the "bones of the building" are strong and that the HVAC system is a "workhorse" and "bulletproof" with some minor modifications, meaning a cost savings on the project.

As for the architects, they shared that they have deleted as much as possible while preserving the project's integrity.  The project plans are 90% complete.

Also this week, the library board heard that Helen Matthes plans to begin loaning eReaders late this spring or early this summer, Kindles and such.  McKay said the loan program will be expanded through a recycling program in the future, where those with eReaders who get a new device might want to donate their old unit to the library.

McKay also reported on the upcoming switch of Helen Matthes Library to the Illinois Heartland Library System.  She said it will provide a substantially larger catalog of items, but said it would necessitate a shutdown of the loan system for a few weeks while the changeover takes place.  Thousands of items on hand in the library, though, will remain available during the changeover.

The library board also approved the budget for the coming fiscal year, reflecting a lower amount than last year.