St. Anthony Fares Well at WYSE Regional Competition


Published on February 11 2013 12:03 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The St. Anthony High School squad fared well at the Regional WYSE Competition held at Lake Land College.

The Academic Challenge is a competitive series of tests created and administered by Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering and offered to high school students in Illinois and Missouri.  The tests are now offered by more than 50 community colleges and universities and are designed to present a challenge to the brightest students.

Here's how the St. Anthony WYSE Team fared:

Liam Andrews--3rd place in Computer Science

Allison Bushue--2nd place in Biology; 3rd place in English

Michael Goldstein--2nd place in Computer Science; 2nd place in Math

Frank Jansen--3rd place tie in Math

Maggie Mumm--1st place in Biology and a $1,000 Lake Land College scholarship

Scott Rentfrow--1st place tie in Chemistry

Lauren Schmidt--1st place tie in Chemistry and a $1,000 scholarship; 1st place in Math

Jake Spraul--1st place in Physics and a $1,000 scholarship; 3rd place tie in Math

Other WYSE team members at St. Anthony: John Goeckner, Jesse Haarmann, Nick Nosbisch, Kate Richards and Sarah Wortman.

Test material is drawn from senior high school and freshman level college curricula.  Written by teams of college and university faculty, subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, English, Mathematics and Physics.  Each test production team produces three tests of increasing levels of difficulty; regional, sectional and state finals.  Students compete as individuals and as part of a team (when their school fields a team), and they have 40 minutes to complete multiple-choice tests that range in length from 30 questions (Computer Science) to 100 questions (English).

JV WYSE team members included Francesco DeFilippi, Laura Deters, Madeline McDevitt, Megan Nuxoll and Emily Wortman.