Wilhour is Candidate for State Representative


Published on October 5 2017 10:28 am
Last Updated on October 5 2017 10:28 am
Written by Greg Sapp

An area resident has joined the campaign for the Republican nomination for 107th District State Representative.

“I believe there comes a time when regular folks need to step up,” said Blaine Wilhour. “That is why I’m proud to announce my candidacy for State Representative. I’m running so we can create jobs, cut taxes, enact term limits, and protect our values. Never before has there been such a stark contrast in priorities between the politicians and the hard-working Illinoisans who they supposedly work for, that must change.

Wilhour co-owns and operates Longhorn Buildings, LLC.  He’s also a third generation family farmer, which he says gives him the insight and experience to make the changes necessary to represent the concerns of Illinoisans fed up with an out-of-touch government.

“I’ve seen first-hand the effects of a dysfunctional government that doesn’t promote business growth and development.  Instead, we are burdened with policies that lack common sense, stifle our economy and ignore the reality the average citizen faces each day,” Wilhour said.

Wilhour is not a career politician – his priorities are simple:

  • CREATE JOBS – bring employees and employers back to Illinois by greatly improving our business climate with job-creating reforms
  • CUT TAXES – roll back the 32% Madigan Income tax hike, and freeze our property taxes
  • PROTECT OUR CONSERVATIVE VALUES – Pro-Family, Pro-Gun and Pro-Life rights 
  • TERM LIMITS – being a legislator wasn’t meant to be a career. Implement term limits and eliminate legislator pensions

Faith is Wilhour’s guiding principle. He’s a committed Christian and understands the importance of family. Wilhour and his wife, Amber, reside in rural Beecher City with their 3 children. They attend Christ’s Church in Effingham. Wilhour is also an Army Veteran and a former member of the Fayette County Board.

"I am running to be the next State Representative for the 107th District. I am a father and a husband, a third generation farmer, and a small business owner,” Wilhour said.  “My goal is to restore hope, give a voice to the hardworking men and women who’ve been ignored, and promote prosperity and opportunity for a brighter future in Illinois for our children."

John Cavaletto currently serves as 107th District State Representative, but is not seeking re-election.