Dieterich Village Board Adding Meetings


Published on August 11 2017 9:51 am
Last Updated on August 11 2017 9:51 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich village board members this week have decided to try meeting twice a month.

The Board decided to hold a special meeting on August 21 to see whether there is enough business to warrant meeting two times each month. If it is warranted, the village ordinance would be amended to reflect the change.

The Board did not make a motion concerning a request from Dieterich Mart to change their liquor license from package sales to consumption and package sales. Dieterich Mart was seeking the change so they could offer gaming at the establishment. State law requires consumption sales at gaming places.

Board members discussed a petition received from residents of East Section Street that asks for the stop signs at the intersection with Old Mill Street to be removed. The residents say many people don't stop at the stop signs, other than commercial trucks that are noisy when they pull away from the intersection. The residents asked that the signs be removed, or the requirement for all vehicles to stop be enforced. The Village will ask the County Sheriff's Department for more patrols to monitor the intersection.

The Board tabled the purchase of a second outdoor warning siren; heard that installation of guttering is all that remains of work on the maintenance building addition; awarded Larry Heuerman Trucking the bid for road maintenance materials; agreed to formalize the purchase of an easement for ground that marks the location of the Welcome to Dieterich sign on the edge of town; and agreed to honor a request from Newton Elite Fitness for $1,250 in TIF funds for work on their new location in Dieterich.

The Board also agreed to purchase trees to replace those that have died in North Pointe Park. The trees were planted as an Eagle Scout project by Adam Warfel. The trees will be planted not only in North Pointe Park, but also in Liberty Memorial Park. The project involved planting all of the trees whose leaves are needed by Dieterich students for their leaf collections.