Library Board Retains Leadership Team


Published on April 24 2017 4:05 pm
Last Updated on April 24 2017 4:09 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The leadership team at Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library will remain intact.

The library board reelected Dannielle Harden and Matt Greider as co-presidents, Charlene Topel as secretary, and Jim Arndt as treasurer.

The board is also working to fill a vacancy created by John Latta's decision to retire after three terms. The board chose Sarah Ruholl Sehy to succeed Latta. Mayor Jeff Bloemker has to agree to recommend Sehy's appointment to the City Council for their concurrence.

Board members decided against, at this time, an external placement of signs for tenants of library space. There is currently one tenant. Once additional tenants are in place, the issue could be revisited.

The board agreed to start attending events to continue their survey as to what residents want to see in Effingham and their vision for the city. Library Director Amanda McKay also said the Summer Lunch Program for 2017 will not move to the library, as a site supervisor could not be determined. The program is expected to continue in a different location.