More Final Results from Tuesday's Election


Published on November 7 2012 10:25 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Collinsville Republican John Shimkus was re-elected to Congress from the new 15th District Tuesday.

Shimkus finished with 203,280 votes to 91,992 votes for Democrat challenger Angela Michael.  He will continue to represent Effingham County in the new district.


Troy Republican Kyle McCarter won a convincing victory in the 54th District State Senate race Tuesday.

McCarter, who has been in the State Senate from the 51st District, switched to the 54th District for the election and will represent an area including the western part of Effingham County, including the City of Effingham.

McCarter finished with 58,934 votes to 35,860 votes for Democrat challenger Danny Stover.


In two area Congressional races of interest, former Shimkus staffer Rodney Davis narrowly won election to Congress from the 13th District, edging Democrat Dr. David Gill 136,696 to 135,309 with two precincts yet to be counted.  The campaign was one of the meanest-spirited in the region.

In the 12th District, former Illinois Adjutant General William Enyart won over Metro East businessman Jason Plummer, 154,621 to 128,582.

In the 5th District Appellate Court contest, Democrat Judy Cates defeated Republican Steven McGlynn, 281,228 to 259,662.  McGlynn won all of our area counties, but Cates racked up big numbers in the Metro East portion of the district.