911 Board Hears Efficiency Report Should be Ready for May Meeting


Published on April 8 2014 3:08 pm
Last Updated on April 8 2014 3:08 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham County 911 board members Tuesday heard that the report on the 911 system's efficiency should be ready next month.

Norbert Soltwedel chairs the 911 Efficiency Study Committee.  Soltwedel said some financial information has already been received, and that another section will address technology.  He hopes that would be useful to those who will put together specs on new equipment needs.

The Board decided to schedule a special meeting to hear and discuss the final report.

As another indication that technology is changing, 911 System Administrator Jodi Moomaw reported that the system is receiving more calls by cell than by landline phones.  Moomaw would like a switch from three lines for landline calls and two for cell calls to three lines for cell calls and two for landline calls.

Moomaw also reported on her participation at a national conference in Washington.  One project discussed is an effort to get rid of phone systems where you have to punch a button to get an outside line, similar to what are seen at many hotels.  Moomaw said a story was shared that a child witnessed her father killing her mother at a motel and tried to phone 911, but couldn't because she didn't know about pushing another button to get an outside line.

Moomaw also discussed efforts to get 911 on a level with police and firefighting agencies as far as eligibility for grant funds, and reported on efforts to kill a state bill that would take wireless revenue away from 911 and give it to poison control agencies.

Board members voted to purchase $15 gift certificates for telecommunicators in recognition of Telecommunicators Week.

Prior to the 911 Board, a quarterly meeting was held with representatives of the county's emergency services agencies. Sheriff's Department representative Darin Deters was chosen to chair that committee.