UPDATE: Dr. Kohli Released from Custody, Trial Date Set


Published on March 27 2014 2:38 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

Dr. Naeem Mahmood Kohli,the operator of Kohli Neurology and Sleep Center, is free, one day after he was detained by U.S. Marshall's and indicted on 15 counts including defrauding health care programs, illegal distribution of a controlled substance and money laundering

The U.S. District Court clerk's office in East St. Louis confirmed that Dr. Kohli was released after a motion to detain him was denied. Kohli is not being electronically monitored, and is next due in court for a final pre-trial hearing on May 16 at 9:30am in Benton.

A jury trial will begin before Judge J. Phil Gilbert on May 27 at 9am, also in Benton.

We spoke with Dr. Kohli Thursday afternoon, who was working at his office. When asked about the allegations in the indictment, Kohli said, "allegations are allegations, until they are proven. These are just rumors." When asked if he was still allowed to see patients, Kohli said, "yes, I am working and the office is open."

The full 15-count indictment against Dr. Kohli can be seen here.