Water Authority Amends Boat House Guidelines


Published on March 13 2014 10:42 am
Last Updated on March 13 2014 10:42 am
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham Water Authority has amended the building guidelines for the length of the roof line for a boat house at Lake Sara.

Trustees have checked other structures at the lake.  The decision is to allow the roof line for a boat house to be up to 50 feet in length, provided a neighbor's view is not obstructed.  All boat houses currently having an existing roof line in excess of 50 feet are grandfathered.

The matter of sign regulation size was tabled until Lake Superintendent Mike Dirks can obtain the current dimensions.

Dirks presented two bids on repairs to the basement of the Lake Superintendent's house.  Trustee Jim Boos asked for more time to review the bids before a vote is taken, so the matter was tabled.

Trustee Chairman Chris Kabbes reported that Ted Rhodes is interested in buying the point on Court Three, not the entire tract.  After discussion, trustees agreed they are not interested in selling only the point at this time, so Kabbes will contact Rhodes on the issue.

Brian Larson reported to Trustees on damage done to the docks at The Marina during the winter. Larson said there are areas that are unsafe and will need considerable work.  He plans to have the work done in six to eight weeks, and said the repairs should not delay opening.  He also clarified two events for The Stage; one is a three-day event June 27-29, the other is a two-day event July 11-12. He does not plan to obtain a liquor license this year.

Trustees purchased a mower for $4,300 after trade in.

Trustees also heard from Heidi Donaldson, who said she and her husband have decided not to develop a 7.63-acre tract off Cardinal Drive north of Gemstone Subdivision; they would like to leave it as one lot.  Donaldson said it's cost-prohibitive to develop due to surrounding property values and the expense of putting in a road and bridge.  The development agreement covering the tract expires in October.  Trustees then voted to terminate the development agreement and to leave the tract as one lot and not subdivided in the future.