Wooden Shoes Win Casey-Westfield Doubles


Published on September 17 2012 9:51 am
Last Updated on September 17 2012 9:51 am
Written by Millie Lange

Teutopolis High School swept through the Casey-Westfield Doubles Tournament, winning all four titles.

Cheyenne Lueken and Allison Vogt claimed the No. 1 doubles spot, taking six wins and suffering one loss. In the No. 2 spot, Elena Breer and Holley Wright won first place by sweeping the field in seven matches.

Morgan Drees and Megan Miller won at No. 3 picking up six wins and a loss. Ashley Hemmen and Kaitlin Deters won at No. 4 by downing seven opponents.

T-town won with 155 points followed by Mount Zion 131, Flora 129, Casey-Westfield 96, Charleston 90, Robinson 89, Newton 54 and Paris 40.

Casey-Westfield Doubles

No. 1: Cheyenne Lueken and Allison Vogt, 1st Place

Defeated Audrey Scott/Dakotah Parker, Casey-Westfield, 4-3
Defeated Maegan Flight/Hannah Blevins, Charleston, 7-0
Lost to Jessica Gaither/Katy Glassford, Flora, 2-5
Defeated Megan Blagemann/Maddie Johnston, Mt. Zion. 5-2
Defeated Makenzie Tegler/Lauren Swinford, Paris. 7-0
Defeated Bethany Avery/Shania Kirkwood, Robinson, 6-1
Defeated Rebeca Mier-y-Leon/Stacie Purcell, Newton, 7-0

No. 2 Doubles: Elena Breer and Holley Wright, 1st Place

Defeated Darbie Thompson/Ashley Hollensbe, Casey-Westfield, 5-2
Defeated Morgan Gindlesberger/Brooke Winks, Flora, 4-3
Defeated Michaela Green/Hannah Loy, Newton, 7-0
Defeated Carolina Escobedo/Sierra Henry, Robinson, 5-2
Defeated Dakota Hicks/Shelby Linder, Charleston, 6-1
Defeated Megan Crosby/Elaina Rhoades, Mt. Zion, 4-3
Defeated Amanda Jernigan/Jessica Hopper, Paris, 7-0

No. 3 Doubles: Morgan Drees and Megan Miller, 1st Place

Defeated Leslie Gladu/Karley Fain, Casey-Westfield, 7-0
Lost to Lexi Hensley/Morgan Luttrell, Flora, 2-5
Defeated Stacy Cummins/Shelby Jackson, Newton, 7-0
Defeated Taylor Grove/Madison Buchanan, Robinson 7-0
Defeated Kailin Albin/Haley Cooley, Charleston, 5-2
Defeated Meredith Jones/Carrisa Kretsinger, Mt. Zion, 4-3
Defeated Mary Hunter-Smittkamp/Quinn Shockley, Paris, 7-0

No. 4 Doubles: Ashley Hemmen and Kaitlin Deters, 1st Place

Defeated Victoria Cox/Niki Brandenburg, Casey-Westfield, 5-2
Defeated Macy Warren/Isaura Carro, Flora, 5-2
Defeated Sarah Stewert/Katelyn Michl, Newton, 6-1
Defeated Melissa Jenkins/Marisa Koester, Robinson, 6-1
Defeated Shaelyn Randall/Eva Bacon, Charleston, 6-1
Defeated Madison Stoecker/Alena Hinch, Mt Zion, 5-2
Defeated Kelsey Dougherty/Haley Gates, Paris, 7-0