St. Anthony Loses, T-town Wins in Soccer Action


Published on August 27 2013 7:19 am
Last Updated on August 27 2013 7:19 am
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham St. Anthony High School hosted Harrisburg and fell 1-0 in soccer action Monday. Harrisburg's Luke Horton scored with 30:28 of the second half.

"We played well throughout the game despite losing," said St. Anthony Coach Scott Demers. "The goal was scored when we had a throw-in deep in Harrisburg's half and a defensive clearance led to a quick transition goal.

"Our players of the game were Kyle Hartke, Zach Tegeler, Ben Esker, Chandler Martelli and James Kabbes."

St. Anthony is back in action Friday and Saturday hosting the Bulldog Invitational with Altamont, Salem, Greenville, Moutn Carmel and Carlyle in a two-day tournament.

At Teutopolis

Teutopolis High School picked up a 4-1 victory over Taylorville Monday evening. Goals came from Drew Kowalski, Mitch Meinhart, Justin Deters and Kyle Blievernicht.

"A very hot season opener but a very successful one at that," said T-town Coach Dustin Jansen. "Taylorville started it off only five minutes into the game with a goal on the far bar when we had a break down in comunication and allowed a man unguarded to shoot. We have a very young defensive line and only one returning from last year.  Not even two minutes after Taylorville's goal, Drew Kowalski returned the favor with his own goal beating the goalie with a one-on-one and yet another defender after that.

"Our defense really stepped it up the rest of the game even with one starter having to leave after a foot injury. They started to jell extremely quick. Everybody was communicating and working together. With 12 minutes left, Justin Deters passed it off to Kyle Blievernicht and opened himself up for Kyle's cross to the far bar and and simply redirected the ball into the goal. It was great positioning by Justin to pick up the trash on the far side.

"Coming into the second half, it didn't take us too long to get on the board again. With four minutes in, Kyle set it up on top crossing over to Justin, then Deters with a perfect cross over top of the goal to the far side where Mitch Meinhart headed it straight into the goal. It worked perfect text book setup and shot. This is what we practice, but you have to remember we just started practice a week and a half ago on the 14th. So when things happen this perfect this early in the season, it is great to see.

"Kyle scored the fourth goal by shooting a PK when Justin was fouled inside the box. Hats off to Taylorville, they played a very good competitive game."

T-town heads to Charleston's Red and Gold Tourney Wednesday (Charleston) Friday (Mattoon) and Saturday (Effingham).