Cumberland County Fair Harness Racing Opens Today


Published on August 20 2013 9:26 am
Last Updated on August 20 2013 9:26 am
Written by Millie Lange

Harness racing at the final county fair in the area begins today at the Cumberland County Fair. Post time is 1:30 p.m. Thoroughbreds took to the track Monday and will again Saturday.

There will be seven heats of racing today with races scheduled Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, all with post times at 1:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 20 Harness Races

Race One

Illini 2-Year-Old Filly Pace

1. M A Duty (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Shady Maple Hanna (Wm. Larry Binkley), 3. Fox Valley Roxanne (Michael Rogers), 4. Syd's Lollipop (Freddie Patton Jr.), 5. Tessa (Thomas Graham Jr.), 6. Shootin To Win (Wm. Larry Binkley), 7. Kiss This Perch (J.D. Finn)

Race Two

Illinis 2-Year-Old Colt Pace

1. Go Run N Tellthat (David Fagan), 2. Sheriff Joe (Freddie Patton Jr.), 3. Surf's Up (Ronnie Gillespie), 4. Tower Power (Freddie Patton Jr.), 5. Fox Valley Spike (Michael Rogers)

Race Three

Illini 2-Year-Old Filly Trot

1. Bc's Hot Dancer (Freddie Patton Jr.), 2. Dancinginthebreeze (David Fagan), 3. Shady Maple Fiesty (Freddie Patton Jr.), 4. Pistol Annie (Michael Rogers), 5. Macie Rae (Michael Rogers)

Race Four

Illini 2-Year-Old Colt Trot

1. Cardinal Dreams (Freddie Patton Jr.), 2. Mister Photo (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. Vin (Thomas Graham Jr.), 4. Skyline Boomer (Cornelius Cavett)

Race Five

Non-Winners $5,000 Lifetime

AE: Non-Winners $1,000 Pace, Division I

1. Call Me Elizabeth (no driver listed), 2. Fox Valley Blitzen (Dane May), 3. Fore (C. Alan Finn), 4. Fox Valley Venus (Mathew Avenatti), 5. Whoopedemaginjosey (Cassidy Melloy)

Race Six

Non-Winners $5,000 Lifetime

AE: Non-Winners $1,000 Pace, Division II

1. Quick Panic (Mathew Avenatti), 2. Shady Maple Cruier (David Fagan), 3. Who Called Kellie (Ronnie Gillespie), 4. Shakemoff Cowboi (Jerome Daniels), 5. Shadowmaster Lore (J.D. Finn)

Race Seven

Filly & Mare Trot

1. So Photogenic (Jerome Daniels), 2. Teela Girl (Stacy De Rousse), 3. Lw Jaynie Flyer (Cassidy Melloy), 4. Frontier Belle (Harold Finn Jr.)


Wednesday, August 21 Harness Races

Race One

Topline 2-Year-Old Trot

1. Missy's Misfit (Paul Cavett), 2. Morgans Majestic (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. St Elian's Fire (Ladarrius Whitaker)

Race Two

Topline 3-Year-Old And Up Pace

1.  Tj's April Angel (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Tinkers Damn (Michael Knicley), 3. Nj's Big Deal (Michael Rogers), 4. Lolita Hall (James Austin), 5. Helen's Place Girl (Clark Fairly)

Race Three

Maiden Pace, Division I

1. Frontier Kate (Phillip Finn Jr), 2. Simple Place (Rodger Allhands), 3. Bc's Golden Girl (Ladarrius Whitaker), 4. Shifting Interlude (C. Alan Finn), 5. Heidi Ray (Ronnie Gillespie), 6. Fox Valley Bravura (Ray Hanna)

Race Four

Maiden Pace, Division II

1. Little Miss Kathy (Darla Martin), 2. Brookelynn Fancy (Michael Johnson), 3. T-r Chipper (Ronnie Gillespie), 4. Third Interlude (C. Alan Finn), 5. Tinatunasbarracuda (Paul Cavett), 6. Ava Destruction (Michael White), 7. Ima Risk Taker (Adam Knicley)

Race Five

Maiden Pace, Division III

1. Margie's Wildchild (Clark Fairley), 2. Diddy Dune (Jamaica Patton), 3. Uptown Shooter (Michael Johnson), 4. Little Creek Jet (no driver listed), 5. Joe The Wrangler (James Austin), 6. Party's Gold (Ray Hanna)

Race Six

Amateur Driving Race

1. Racy Traci Place (Dylan Fagan), 2. Leah's Hero (Jordan Knicley), 3. Viking Kilowatt (Harold G. Finn), 4. Don't Let Up (Phillip Finn Jr.), 5. Sleazy Mr E (Anthony Somone)