St. Anthony Competes in Alton Bowling Invitational


Published on December 28 2012 1:19 pm
Last Updated on December 28 2012 1:19 pm
Written by Millie Lange

The St. Anthony boys and girls bowling teams were in action this past Thursday, competing in the Alton Invitational. The boys team placed 11th while the girls finished 12th.

"The boys played a little rusty Thursday," said Coach Phil Zaccari. "Juniors, Neil Ritz and Liam Andrews played the steadiest but below their averages We had trouble making the easy spares leaving a lot of 10 pins and four pins. We could not seem to get the ball to straighten out on the cross alley shot. As the lanes broke down, we did not adjust quick enough.

"The O'Fallon invite is next. We will practice some and hopefully do better next Saturday.

"Our women's team played steady with all games except the third game over 550. Kassy again led us placing 14th individually with a 935. Hayley Koester had a personal best 144 as part of her 697. We did better but still need more practice on our spares. We will have some time to practice next week," concluded Zaccari.

Alton Invitational

Boys Results

St. Anthony -- Neil Ritz 177-206-201-162-174-201 -- 1,121, Liam Andrews 194-214-186-141-201-158 -- 1,094, James Ritz 138-140-145-180-148-186 -- 937, Zaine Reiss 114-158-155-118-132-157 -- -834, Cody Pike 141-145-147-120-114-119 -- 786

Girls  Results

St. Anthony -- Kassy Dammerman 142-154-138-178-184-139 -- 935, Hayley Koester 126-100-106-89-144-132 -- 697, Natalie Goeckner 103-108-113-113-111-99 -- 647, Raven Rincker 102-130-85-89-103-123 -- 632, Erin Goeckner 113-97-82-94-101-98 -- 585