Awards Presented at EHS Fall Banquet


Published on November 6 2012 8:19 am
Last Updated on November 6 2012 2:48 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham High School athletes in the sports of girls golf, boys golf, girls tennis, boys and girls cross country, soccer and volleyball received letters and awards Monday evening at the Hearts Rock Cafe.


Winning girls golf awards for EHS were, left to right, Courtney White and Morgan Wilson.

Girls golf awards went to Morgan Wilson for Player of the Year and Courtney White won the Sportsmanship award. Letterwinners included White, Wilson, Hope Collier and Delanie Hagenseiker.


 Winning boys golf awards for EHS were, left to right, Jacob Linders, Jackson Wendling and Anthony Lechman.

Anthony Lechman and Jackson Wendling shared the Most Valuable Player award in boys golf. Jake Linders received the Most Improved Player award and Wendling picked up the Best Underclassman award. Lettermen were Lechman, Wendling, Linders, Anthony Barrett, Sean Sandifer and Reed Schafer.


 Winning tennis awards for the EHS girls team were,left to right, Madisson Haake, Lauren Hoekstra, Claudia Vinuela-Ayllon and Kaitlyn Gurley.

The girls tennis awards were presented. Lauren Hoekstra won the Most Valuable Player award. The Most Valuable Doubles Player awards went to Kaitlyn Gurley and Madisson Haake. Claudia Vinuela-Ayllon won the Most Improved Player award. Bethany Vail captured the Most Supportive Team Player award and Gabby Klein claimed the Holly Nosbisch Sportsmanship award.

Letterwinners for tennis were Hoekstra, Vinuela-Ayllon, Haake, Gurley, Klein, Vail, Shelby Funneman and Emma Kull.

 Members of the EHS cross country team winning awards were, left to right, Hayley Fatheree, Kelly Keitel, Shayna Phillips, Jenna Bingham, Leighton Lark, Patrick Siner, Leevi Baker and CJ Schmidt.

In boys cross country, the Most Valuable Runner award went to Leighton Lark. Patrick Siner was given The Rock award and Top Newcomer award. Leevi Baker won the Most Improved award and C.J. Schmidt picked up the Sportsmanship award. Letterwinners were Baker, Lark, Siner, Gary Damron, Jeff Keitel, Adam Koester, Kennan Mahaffey, Kyle Niebrugge and Josh Stombaugh.

In girls cross country, Jenna Bingham was named Most Valuable Runner. The Top Newcomer award went to Shayna Phillips. Haley Fatheree won The Rock award. Kelly Keitel claimed the Most Improved award and Jaclyn Steppe was given the Sportsmanship award. Letterwinners were Bingham, Fatheree, Keitel, Phillips, Steppe, Ashley Jamerson, Holly Moore and Madi Woelfer.


Members of the EHS soccer team receiving awards were, left to right, Tyler Katz, Kyle Lustig, Michael Carie, Caleb Gadberry, Rhemi Barr, Phil Knight and Logan Talley.

Winning soccer awards were Caleb Gadberry for Most Valuable Player, Logan Talley for Most Improved, Michael Carie for Most Valuable Underclassmen and Kyle Lustig and Rhemi Barr for Heart of the Team. Phil Knight won the Defensive award and Ivan Carillo won the Offensive award. Junior varsity awards went to Tyler Katz for Offensive and Parth Maheshwari for Defensive.

Lettermen included M. Carie, Carillo, Katz, Barr, Lustig, Talley, Gadberry, P. Knight, Matt Steffen, Austin Wenthe, Alex Carie, Caleb Gadberry, Jason Pike, Matt Herboth, Kohdai Nishida, Andrew Knight and Dalton Steele.


Members of the EHS volleyball team winning awards were, left to right, Shannon Daugherty, Kelli Utz, Felicia Totten, Stephanie Robb, Deedra Myers, Katie Roberts, Madeline Mitchell, Rachel Weis, Kaylee Tonn, Shelby Nunamaker and Brooke Kocher.

Volleyball awards were presented. Claiming the Most Valuable Player award in varsity action was Kelli Utz. Utz also won the Most Digs award. The Hitting award went to Stephanie Robb. Robb also won the Blocking award. Shannon Daugherty also captured two awards, the Sportsmanship and Serving. Deedra Myers won the Serving award and Felicia Totten claimed Most Assists.

In junior varsity volleyball, Madeliine Mitchell claimed the Serving award, Shelby Nunamaker the Hitting award, Rachel Weis the Sportsmanship award and Katie Roberts the Hustle award.

Freshman awards went to Brooke Kocher for Most Improved and Kaylee Tonn for Hustle.

Varsity letterwinners were Myers, Ke. Utz, Daugherty, Robb, Totten, Sara Deibel, Erica Feldhake, Kourtney Utz, Kallie Koester, Holly White, Bethany Donaldson and Chandler Ramey.