Chicago Cubs Owner Threatens to Pull Team out of Wrigley Field


Published on May 2 2013 4:17 pm
Last Updated on May 2 2013 4:30 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is threatening to the pull the team out of Wrigley Field if $300-million in upgrades for the stadium aren't approved. Ricketts told the City Club of Chicago Wednesday the team is committed to staying at Wrigley, but needs a 6,000 square-foot scoreboard in left field, a large sign in right field and advertising on a hotel to be built by the stadium.

There's no word on when the City Council could vote on the measure.

Many think Ricketts is bluffing, trying to make Chicago panic and bend to his will. Publications like Sports Illustrated are writing much to this effect, saying that it would "make Ricketts one of baseball history’s greatest monsters". With the Cubs being most profitable team in baseball last year (according to Forbes), a move out of Wrigley, and perhaps even Chicago, could have a huge impact on the franchise.

What do you think? Could the Cubs really leave Wrigley?

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