Doc Finally Gets Something "Flaming Wooden Shoes"


Published on June 20 2012 9:11 am
Last Updated on June 20 2012 9:21 am
Written by Wayne Moran

Doc's been talking about wanting Flaming Wooden Shoes, well anything, for years now...

Basically, he wants the Wooden Shoes of Teutopolis' logo with a flame on it. We're assuming it's Doc's past Olympic aspirations, or maybe he's planning on making millions on t-shirts, who knows...

Liz Wernsing of Teutopolis made it happen, in cookie form, delivering a pile of Flaming Wooden Shoes cookies to us this morning! See them here, and visit Liz's Facebook page, CookiesToGo!

Were they good? Well, they lasted about 5 minutes...that says it all.

Thanks Liz!

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