Teutopolis Students' Work Has a Place in United Nations Documentary Film


Published on April 19 2012 12:13 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm

19,000 films from around the world were submitted in hopes of being a part of a feature-length film produced by the United Nations.  A film submitted by cousins Drew Deters and Derek Deters of Teutopolis was selected to be a part of the feature film.

The U.N. film, "One Day on Earth", has been in the works for years, and focuses on one day, October 10, 2010.  The film features footage from across the globe of activities that were occurring on that day.  

Drew and Derek, former Multimedia students at Effingham High School, used footage that was part of a class assignment.  They followed Drew's grandfather Jim Deters during a day's work on the dairy farm he's operated near Sigel for the past 59 years.  Drew was inspired by his grandfather's work ethic and commitment to family, and wanted to produce a documentary about life on a multi-generational farm.  He and Derek shot the footage, and Drew completed the editing.

Multimedia instructor Joe Fatheree submitted the Deters' production to the One Day on Earth Foundation.  Director Kyle Ruddick and Executive Producer Brandon Litman spent the next 16 months editing down 3,000 hours of film footage to create the 105-minute motion picture.  Litman stated that the footage produced by the two high school filmmakers was being used as a pivotal piece in the film.  Reportedly, the segment featuring the Deters' work runs five to six minutes.

Fatheree said there are credits in the film both for the Deters' and for EHS.

We talked with Drew this week about his role in the film. Click the play icon below to listen. 


The production has been in the works for four years.  Ruddick and Litman donated 1,000 video cameras to more than 95 U-N country offices, which resulted in footage of remote villages in Papua New Guinea and Abyei, a district of South Sudan with a history of border disputes.  The U-N has extended their logistical support of the project through 2015.

The production features music by Grammy winners including Paul Simon.  There are images from rarely seen areas including North Korea, Iran and Kosovo.

Drew and Derek are taking a break from their studies at SIU Carbondale, where each is majoring in Filmmaking, to fly to New York City for the premiere of the movie Sunday, which is Earth Day.  Drew Deters said they plan to take in a Broadway show Saturday night as a part of their big weekend.

Drew is the son of Chuck and Anita Deters, while Derek is the son of Gary and Vickie Deters.

Plans are in the works to host a screening of "One Day on Earth" at SIU-C and in Effingham in the near future.  The film will be premiered at over 160 locations worldwide on Sunday.