Altamont Native Berg Says Upbringing Key to His Success


Published on October 30 2013 11:34 am
Last Updated on October 30 2013 3:09 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Altamont native Jerry Berg said his return home to speak at Wednesday's Community Celebration of Excellence Breakfast wasn't to share his accomplishments, it was to say Thank You for "what you've done for me".

Berg is Managing Director of the Healthcare Finance Group for RBC Capital Markets, one of the largest investment and financial management firms in the world.  While based in Chicago and living in the suburbs, Berg remains tied to the Altamont area and the Bethlehem community in particular.

Berg said it is important to remember your roots, saying it impacts "who we are and how others see us."  He said his years working for his father at the old Berg Service station in Altamont helped shape how he operates, such as "When you're asked a question, respond honestly."

During his remarks, Berg touched on his involvement in politics including support for Congressmen Ray LaHood who later became US Transportation Secretary and Congressman John Shimkus, and also mentioned his own run for Congress 15 years ago.  He said he viewed that experience as "I thought I might be finished with finance, but 10,000 people convinced me otherwise."

Berg said the election loss and his return to finance saw the rise of his career.  Before his time at RBC, Berg worked for Morgan Stanley and UBS/PaineWebber.  His financings have totaled over $5 billion.

Berg knew to anticipate questions about the Affordable Care Act, but was quick to say he was not answering from a political viewpoint.  He said he hopes the act will lead to more standardization of care and hopefully an increase overall in the quality of care delivered.

Berg also spoke about his research into his family's roots and those of the Bethlehem community, noting that those who established the community fled a lack of religious freedom.  He also saluted Hospital Sisters Health System, the group that operates St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital, commending the courage and faith of a group of nuns who arrived in the United States via boat in 1875 and their legacy of health care.