Roberts Ruled Not Fit to Stand Trial


Published on April 28 2012 9:56 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm

The Indiana man who allegedly made threats to employees of the Jasper school district in February has been ruled not fit to stand trial.

49-year-old Terry W. Roberts of Dale, Indiana was identified by the school employees as the man who drove up to the school bus garage in Newton and made threatening statements about school students.  Roberts did not identify specific students and, after his rant, left the scene. . No students were harmed.

Jasper school officials put their schools on lockdown after the incident.  Police apprehended Roberts a short time after the incident on a felony count of disorderly conduct.  He's been in custody since his arrest.

A report on an examination by clinical psychologist Jerry Boyd of Charleston of Roberts was admitted into evidence at a status hearing Thursday.  Based on the findings in Dr. Boyd's report, the Court found Roberts not fit to stand trial.

Jasper County State's Attorney Kevin Parker said Roberts will be placed in the custody of the Illinois Department of Human Services to receive appropriate treatment and services, with the goal being to restore Roberts' fitness within one year.  It's expected that the Court will receive an initial report within 30 days from the Department of Human Services as to the appropriateness of a treatment plan for Roberts.