Local Attorney Argues Before the State Supreme Court


Published on September 20 2013 11:10 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Local attorney Chris Koester appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court this week.

Koester argued on behalf of Roy and Teresa Rogers, whose son Roy was killed in a crash with a drunk driver in 2009.  The question dealt with the amount of damages that could be sought.  The bar where the drunk driver had been served had a dram shop policy, but the company providing the policy liquidated and was declared insolvent.  That meant the Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund took over the case, and the Fund declared there is a limit as to how much it can pay a claimant.

Koester argued before the high court that the move by the Fund was an attempt to "change the rules" from how damages are normally decided.

The case was the last on which the Court heard arguments this term, so it could be anywhere from 60 days to six months before they announce their decision in the case.