Local News For Monday, August 19


Published on August 19 2013 12:31 pm
Last Updated on August 19 2013 12:31 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Background Checks Now Required For Gun Purchases

(Chicago, IL) --  Buying a gun in Illinois now comes with a new set of rules.  A new law requires everyone to get a background check before they get their hands on a gun. And if they’re buying the gun through a private seller, the seller is required to make sure the buyer is properly licensed.  Governor Quinn singed the new law yesterday, hoping it’ll keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The law takes effect January 1.


Gun Owners Must Report Stolen Guns

(Chicago, IL) -- Gun owners have just 72-hours to report their gun lost or stolen, once they realize it’s missing. The new law is aimed at taking illegal guns off the streets. Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says  the new requirement will help police crack-down on people who fail to file reports, yet claim their gun was lost or stolen after it’s been recovered from a crime scene.


New Law Makes Driving And Talking On Phone Illegal

(Springfield, IL) -- Drivers in Illinois have just a few months to purchase a hands free device.  Come January 1, it’ll be illegal to talk on the cell phone when you’re behind the wheel, unless you’re using some type of Bluetooth device  Governor Quinn signed the new law on Friday, claiming it’ll help cut-back on distracted driving and keep people safe on Illinois roads.


Illinois Pastor Behind Popular Bible App

An Illinois pastor is gaining recognition for his free smartphone app that's brought the Holy Bible to more than 100-million people. Reverend Bobby Gruenwald's app called "YouVersion" offers more than 600 versions of the Bible in nearly 400 languages. Born in central Illinois Gruenwald says he invented the app after thinking that everyone should have their favorite version of the Bible with them at all times. Gruenwald says the idea has taken 20-million dollars in donations to operate.


Lawmaker Wants To Loosen Concealed Carry Law

(Springfield, IL) -- Republican State Representative Bill Mitchell wants to ease some restrictions in the state's new concealed carry law. He's introducing legislation aimed at reducing the amount of training Illinois gun owners would have to get to carry a loaded weapon in public. It also would cut the cost of a concealed carry permit good for five years from $150 to $100. The law takes effect in 2014.


New Multi-Year Master Plan For U-Of-I

(Springfield, IL) -- The University of Illinois is planning to hire 500 new faculty members in the next five-to-seven years. The hiring is part of the university's new master plan. Investing $70-million to renovate classrooms with the latest modes of teaching is also on the drawing board. Officials say they still need to pay for the proposals, but money has been set aside for some of the projects.