Info Compiled for 911 Study


Published on August 13 2013 2:03 pm
Last Updated on August 13 2013 4:39 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Representatives of the firm that studied the efficiencies of the Effingham County 911 system are now beginning the task of compiling the information gleaned during visits to the county last week.

911 System Administrator Jodi Moomaw said the representatives of Intertech Associates were in Effingham County from Monday through Thursday.  Moomaw said the representatives spoke "with all the key players who wanted to meet".  The list included several 911 board members as well as members of various emergency services agencies including area fire departments.

At-large 911 board member Norbert Soltwedel was pleased with the process, saying his interviewer "probed for more than just what someone had to share" and asked questions to glean more information.

The Intertech reps made trips to the County Fair to secure interviews with some officials who were working there.

Moomaw said Intertech has six months to complete their work, but she doesn't imagine it will take that long.

Also Tuesday, 911 board members received information on the terms of members of the board as well as information on committee assignments.  Effingham Fire Chief Joe Holomy and Altamont Fire Chief Jon Becker were just appointed to terms extending through the end of June 2016.  Several terms expire at the end of 2014 including those of county board member Mike Depoister, Chief Deputy Sheriff John Loy, Effingham Police Chief Mike Schutzbach, Soltwedel, at-large member Ted Heath and Effingham City-County Ambulance Service operator Terry White.  911 Board Chairman Nick Althoff's term expires at the end of 2013.

As to the committee assignments, Schutzbach, Loy and Holomy serve on the equipment committee; Althoff, Depoister and Holomy serve on the human resources committee; Althoff, Soltwedel and Becker serve on the addressing committee; White, Schutzbach and Depoister serve on the finance committee; Soltwedel, White and Heath serve on the public education committee; and Becker, Heath and Loy serve on the emergency services committee.

911 board members discussed the increasing number of those who only use a cell phone and as a result don't have a land line.  It's a topic that's been raised in the past, and is a concern to board members as it affects the revenue that's earned through a surcharge on land lines in the county.

Moomaw reported Shelby Sutter and Allie Alwardt won the baskets given away by 911 at the County Fair, and reminded that items are being added on a regular basis to the 911 website and asked that the public check out the site.