Two Cases Settled in Altamont Meth Bust


Published on July 23 2013 4:04 pm
Last Updated on July 23 2013 4:06 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Two cases have been settled that resulted from a meth bust in Altamont earlier this year.

Five people were arrested on counts of aggravated participation in methamphetamine manufacturing after the bust in March at an apartment on Main Street in Altamont.

One defendant, 19-year-old Chad Reed of Beecher City has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to four years in prison with credit for four months served in jail while awaiting for his case to be decided.  Reed has also been recommended for impact incarceration, what some people have referred to as "boot camp", in an effort to not only provide punishment but also rehabilitation for eligible defendants.

Another defendant, 19-year-old Alexander Beccue of Shumway, has been approved for participation in Effingham County Drug Court.  Beccue's criminal case will be placed on hold while participating in Drug Court.  If Beccue successfully completes Drug Court, the criminal case will be dismissed.

One other case was dismissed earlier, and two are still pending in court.