Illinois News Roundup for June 13


Published on June 13 2012 11:30 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

>>Smith Wants Informants Criminal History Revealed

(Chicago, IL)  --  State Representative Derrick Smith wants to expose the criminal history of the confidential FBI informant used to help bring him down.  Smith's attorney, Victor Henderson, told a judge that releasing the information could help keep Smith from being expelled from the legislature and could even help with his re-election bid.  But, prosecutors say revealing the man's identity and background information could threaten his well-being.  The judge says she'll make a decision by Friday.


>>Fire Guts Former Robinson Factory

(Robinson, IL)  --  Some people in Robinson were evacuated from their homes after a fire broke out at a nearby factory.  Fire Chief Ted Atteberry says the fire at the old Briggs Pottery was caused by a salvage worker using a blowtorch on the roof of the building. The fire quickly spread throughout the building and heavy, black smoke billowed from the area.  Part of the roof of the building collapsed, but no firefighters were injured. The pottery used to manufacture porcelain bathroom fixtures, but has been closed for more than a decade.


>>Another Person Announces Bid For 12th Congressional Race

(Belleville, IL)  --  Just days after retiring as Adjunct General and Commander of the Illinois National Guard, Major General William Enyart says he's got his eye on one of the hottest Congressional seats in the state.  He wants to replace Democrat Brad Harriman on the November ballot, who dropped out because of medical issues.  Enyart has already submitted his questionnaire to party leaders.  Committeemen in the district are charged with selecting a candidate, which they hope to have done by the end of the month.


>>Quinn: Lawmakers Barking Up Wrong Tree On Gaming

(Chicago, IL)  --  A plan to add more five casinos across the state is still in limbo, despite the fact lawmakers sent a plan to Governor Quinn's desk.  Quinn says he refuses to sign a "slip shot" bill that doesn't include proper oversight.  He says allowing gaming lobbyists to give campaign contributions to politicians is a prescription for disaster.  Quinn has threatened to veto the bill in the past but the House has enough votes to override him.  The Senate would need to pick up six more votes.


>>Officers Noses Lead Them To Meth Lab

(Quincy, IL)  --  Well, they say "the nose knows" and if you ask a couple police officers from Adams County, they may tell you the saying is true.  It was a strong chemical odor that led them to the home of Mark Wilson in Quincy earlier this week.  That's where they discovered over 25 grams of liquid meth and drug paraphernalia. Wilson was arrested and charged with unlawful participation in meth manufacturing and meth possession.


>>Chicago Among Most Manly Cities

(Chicago, IL)  --  Chicago makes the list of most manliest cities in America.  It comes in at number 37 out of 50, based on the fourth annual Mars Chocolate North America  COMBOS "America's Manliest Cities" study, which compiles data such as the number of home improvement stores, steak houses and manly occupations per capita.  But even if a city has a fair share of manly traits, unmanly or "girly" factors, like a high concentration of nail salons and fancy shopping boutiques, can bump cities to the bottom of the list.  Oklahoma City ranks number one.