Illinois News Roundup for Tuesday, June 12


Published on June 12 2012 9:17 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

>>Truck Was Transporting Drone

(Champaign County, IL)  --  We now know what a truck was carrying in Central Illinois that caused a lot of buzz.  Hundreds of people saw a military aircraft when it was parked at a rest stop near Pesotum on I-57 over the weekend.  Northrop Grumman says it designed the drone for a Navy program.  The aircraft looked strange because its wings were removed.  The drone is on its way to Maryland for testing.


>>Stores Have Tough Time Keeping Up Cigarette Supply

(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois convenience stores say smokers are stocking up on cigarettes.  Taxes go up by a dollar per pack on June 24th.   Stores say the state is limiting supplies by failing to increase the number of cigarette tax stamps it issues.  The Revenue Department says it did issue more stamps this month.


>>Crews Find Body In Mississippi River

(Clinton, IL)  --  Police believe they may have found a Clinton man who fell in the water behind a restaurant in Princeton, Iowa.  Yesterday, search and rescue teams pulled the body of a man who drowned in the Mississippi River.  Police say the man was getting out of a boat when he slipped and fell.


>>High School To Get New Message Board

(Washington, IL)  --  A high school in Washington will be getting a little flashier.  A new sign and electronic message board is being built for Washington Community High School.  It'll have the school's name and logo.  It'll also have a wireless connection so staff members will be able to change messages frequently.


>>Ten Million Dollar Bond For Accused Murderer

(Springfield, IL)  --  Bond is set at ten million dollars for the Springfield woman accused of killing her husband and his uncle.  Melody Lyons entered a "Not Guilty" plea in court yesterday.  She allegedly shot her husband, Lloyd Lyons, in the back multiple times and his uncle, Henry Gilbert, in the chest, shoulder, and back.  Police say the shootings happened after a domestic disturbance early Friday morning.  The Lyons' were going through a divorce.


>>Bullets Crash Into Peoria Home, Miss Sleeping Woman

(Peoria, IL)  --  Bullets missed a sleeping Peoria woman by mere inches when shots blasted through her window and into her headboard on Saturday.  Rosie Cole was sleeping when the bullets struck around 3:45 in the morning.  The shots woke her up and she scrambled to the floor when she realized bullets had hit her bed frame.  In the last ten months, at least five other Peorians have been lucky enough to escape death after bullets tore through their windows and hit their beds.  One child unfortunately didn't have the same fate last August when a bullet struck and killed him while he was sleeping.


>>Northern Illinois University To Host Football Championships

(DeKalb, IL)  --  Northern Illinois University will host the state high school football championships next year.  The title game is usually played at the University of Illinois in Champaign but a scheduling conflict has forced the games to be moved during odd numbered years through 2021.  The games will still be held in Champaign during even numbered years.  NIU beat out Illinois State University and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in a bid to host the big game.


>>Six Jurors Appointed To Smith Trial

(Springfield, IL)  --  Speaker of the House Michael Madigan has appointed six Democratic members of a jury who'll hear the case against State Representative Derrick Smith.  The GOP will add six jurors to the bunch; they'll determine whether Smith should be expelled from the legislature.  Expulsion is one of four options the jurors will have.  They could also choose to reprimand, censure, or exonerate the Chicago lawmaker who's facing federal bribery charges.  The House jury must convene within the next three weeks.