County Board Tables Hike of Disposal System Permit Fee


Published on May 20 2013 5:38 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Effingham County board members Monday tabled a proposed increase in the county's private sewage disposal system permit fee to $100.

The fee is now at $50.  Donna Overbeck of the Effingham County Health Department said most area counties have already increased their fee to $100 since it is allowed by the State.  The legislation proposed an increase to the maximum allowed by the State, with no limits. 

Board members decided to review an amount that would cover the County's costs for the permitting and then discuss an increase in committee.

The Board voted 5-3 to earmark $2,500 in hotel/motel funds for TREC trail maintenance, with further increases to be reviewed annually.  Members Dave Campbell, Mike Depoister and Lloyd Foster voting No and Chairman Jim Niemann and members Karen Luchtefeld, Doug McCain, Jeff Simpson and Joe Thoele voting Yes.

The Board approved two public transportation items, one for a resolution and opinion of counsel for a Job Access Reverse Commute, allowing the system to extend hours to the evening, and for a consolidated vehicle procurement, involving the acquisition of two vehicles that would be assigned to Effingham County.

The Board approved a budget amendment creating a Pet Population Control Fund and appropriating $4,500 for the fund.  Animal Control Officer Brent Budde said the funds are generated by animals recovered that have not been spayed and neutered.

Board members appointed County Veterinarian Dr. James Gratz to a new term, and appointed members to a Safety Committee including Greg Koester, Karen Luchtefeld, Joyce Worman, Bob Westendorf, Cheryl Meyers and Kim Esker.  Niemann said creating the committee is an effort to reduce insurance costs.

The Board approved going halves with Lucas Township on replacement of a bridge on 2200th Street, just north of the Effingham-Clay County line, and heard that business has expanded at the County Animal Shelter since enacting hours of 6:30am-4pm weekdays and 7-10am Saturdays. 

County Treasurer Steve Dasenbrock reported the county tax cycle is proceeding with the receipt of a tentative property tax multiplier of "one", indicating properties are being properly assessed, retired custodian and maintenance man Dennis Bushur was recognized on his retirement, and Probation Office staff member Jill Buhnerkempe was honored for 25 years' service to the County.  Buhnerkempe worked in the Circuit Clerk's office before switching to Probation.


Board member Rob Arnold was not present for Monday's meeting.