Brownstown School Board Fills Positions


Published on April 23 2013 2:32 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp


Brownstown school board members have filled a number of staff positions for next school year.

Those hired include Jacy Schaub as district bookkeeper/secretary/treasurer; Ashley Towler as junior/senior high school secretary; Shelly Thomason as elementary secretary; Evelyn Wells and Jodi Winkler as full-time custodians; David Arnold as full-time maintenance and custodian; Karen Portz, Diana Smith and Nikki Sidwell as full-time cooks; Danny Barker, David Portz, Mike Sefton, Paul Parkison and Deb Hunter as bus drivers; Sara Konrad as school nurse; Verla Reed as library aide; Kathy Brown as teacher aide; Randy Curll as technology specialist; and Deb Hunter as part-time district transportation secretary.

Colten Hunter and Matthew Sefton were employed as summer janitorial help; and Stacy Gibson was employed as the speech/language pathologist for next school year.

The Brownstown board approved some cost-cutting moves.  They include elimination of future class sponsor positions, elimination of senior class trips beginning with the freshman class of 2013; and elimination of the fifth and sixth grade basketball program.