Pritzker Signs Executive Order on Equal Pay for Those With Disabilities


Published on October 6 2021 11:16 am
Last Updated on October 6 2021 11:16 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Governor JB Pritzker has signed an executive order to ensure people with disabilities receive equal pay for work they perform as employees of state vendors. 
“Illinois is leading by example by ensuring people with disabilities are not paid a subminimum wage,” said Pritzker. “With this executive order my administration is affirming that people with disabilities are valued members of our workforce who deserve the dignity of equal pay.”

Coming during Disability Employment Awareness Month, this EO will prevent state agencies from entering contracts with vendors in the State Use Program who pay people with disabilities a subminimum wage. In addition, the EO requires state agencies who currently have contracts with vendors who pay people with disabilities a subminimum wage to re-negotiate those contracts to ensure everyone is paid at least the minimum wage.

Through the State Use program, Illinois encourages all agencies to purchase products and services produced and provided by people with disabilities. The program is intended to provide long-term employment opportunities for people with disabilities through non-profit agencies who contract with state agencies.